Cute Kid Story

“Klara, what do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?”

“Mommy, I have everything I can possibly need because you and Daddy are such great parents and you do everything for me. So I’ll be happy with whatever Santa gives me.”

Santa was touched and is bringing her this:

But what a smart kid, eh?

One thought on “Cute Kid Story”

  1. “Santa was touched and is bringing her this”
    “But what a smart kid, eh?”

    Yeas, a beautiful gift for Klara, as long as all of the dolls in the tent stay inert, and none of them are secretly animated by a vengeful jealously against the other dolls who get more attention from their little human owner, and surreptitiously start taking out that hatred against the other dolls — and finally against their innocent little owner and her parents.

    My creative writing muse has been on an extended vacation during the COVID pandemic– but this situation has awakened a spark in me that that just might churn out a new sellable horror tale. THANKS FOR THE IDEA!


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