Question for the Bernie Crowd

A completely good faith question for Bernie supporters. Did Biden give you any cabinet picks so far? Anybody you are excited about in his cabinet? I don’t have time to Google but I’d like to know how grateful and reasonable he’s being.


11 thoughts on “Question for the Bernie Crowd”

  1. I haven’t been following too closely, but it seems that the answer is no. I think that for Bernie supporters, a vote for Biden was a vote for the lesser of two evils, and it would actually be a surprise if Biden chose someone for his cabinet who might challenge the neoliberal ideology of the current Democratic party. Biden’s worst choice so far has been Neera Tanden for head of OMB. She’s very much a centrist Democrat who has been very antagonistic to the left wing of the party. But hey, she’s Indian-American, and for Biden and his allies, it’s all about color and gender, or a cabinet that “resembles America.”


    1. Neera Tanden is truly terrible. I’m still hoping that he’ll at least make a couple of good appointments. I didn’t vote for him but I sincerely wish that this will be a good presidency.


  2. Is this a fight for equality … or something else?

    // Paris (CNN)The mayor of Paris has branded as “absurd” a €90,000 ($109,369) fine imposed for appointing “too many women” to management positions.

    Eleven women and five men were promoted in City Hall in 2018, breaching a national 2013 rule, known as the “Sauvadet law,” which was designed to bring about gender parity in employment.

    Hidalgo joked that with with “too many women” in management positions, “the management of the City would suddenly become far too feminist,” and derided the undiscerning “bureaucracy” that led to the fine.

    Implemented in 2013, the Sauvadet law imposed a minimum rate of representation for men and women in senior management positions in public service, with neither sex permitted to exceed 60%.

    France’s Public Service Minister, Amélie de Montchalin addressed the controversy on Twitter, noting that the provision in the law that allowed the fine was abolished in 2019.

    “The cause of women deserves better! We abolished this absurd provision as early as 2019,” de Montchalin, whose own department will collect the retrospective fine, wrote.


  3. Nope, absolutely nothing! Obviously there isn’t a single Bernie supporter in his administration. There also isn’t anyone who would be vaguely liked or even acceptable to the Bernie crowd (ex. Elizabeth Warren.) We’re in a situation where unions are pushing for Pete Buttigieg for Secretary of Transportation, not because they like him all that much, but because they’re desperate to keep Rahm Emmanuel from being appointed (I assume this is their reasoning, anyway.)

    Smart Bernie supporters who either sat out the election or voted for Trump are feeling very good about their choice. Biden voters are either trying to convince themselves that at least he’s better than Trump (and it doesn’t take much convincing, these people are just Democrats), or they’ve moved on and are pretending to be the “opposition” to a man they voted for.


    1. That’s sad. Given how popular Bernie is, I’d think at least some kind of a nod in his direction would be made. I think it’s wrong to just tell the army of Bernie’s supporters that they don’t matter and should go away.

      I hate this “business as usual” stuff. It’s as if nothing happened in the past 4 years and we can just go back to the establishment way of doing things.


      1. This was the “nod” lmao. I hope some Bernie supporters will wake up and stop supporting the Democratic party (my sister did, she voted for the Green Party!) Many people on the left like being perpetual underdogs though, and wouldn’t even know what to do with power if they got any


  4. Biden still hasn’t named his secretary of labor, but I suspect that Bernie has given up hope of being offered that position by now. 🙂


      1. It doesn’t need to be him personally, although nobody thinks that the seat would go Republican. But I’m asking about any nominations that Bernie people like.


  5. ” Bernie supporters. Did Biden give you any cabinet picks ”

    Consider the kind of shenanigans that the Democratic establishment went through to keep Sanders from getting the nod (from destroying the Iowa caucuses to the unprecedented and coordinated withdrawal of several candidates just before Mediocre Tuesday)….
    The whole dog and pony show made professional wrestling (or real dog and pony shows) look reputable by comparison.
    The Democratic establishment will never do anything for younger and/or Bernie supporting voters.
    It would be… foolish to assume otherwise.
    It’s also foolish to think they’ll ever go back to letting voters decide who their candidate will be. Once you set off down the road they’re on you don’t turn around and go back – it’s a one way street.


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