Zoom Malaise

I’ve been teaching asynchronously online for over a decade, by the way. It’s nothing as good as real teaching but I don’t detest it like I do Zoom teaching. There’s something about those rows of little faces that kills my soul.

And I’ve never let students turn off cameras. How people do it for months with rows of black squares (and without major antidepressants), I have absolutely no idea.

I think psychologists should study the adverse psychological effects of Zoom. There’s something there that messes with your head.

4 thoughts on “Zoom Malaise”

  1. Ma’am, please don’t have the students turn on the cameras. I had two Zoom classes and I had the camera turned off so I could listen to the lecture and write at the same time. I listened to the lecture and worked on writing a romance novel at the same time, I got an A in the course.

    BTW, both were 400 level history courses and boring, so I decided to do something instead of listening to my professor drone since I knew much of the material. You sound like a badass professor, but mine were boring and I didn’t want to sleep in class. FYI , my novel was published on Wattpad and was in the top 10 for several categories, plus I’m working on both a sequel and prequel that are getting good feedback


    1. Congratulations on your success! It’s not an easy feat. Really impressive.

      We don’t have an attendance policy because of COVID. People didn’t have to come at all. But if they decide to come, I demand respect.


      1. Thanks, I wasn’t sure how my post was going to be received. I wouldn’t have done this if the class was interesting and I didn’t know the material, but the lectures were boring and I wanted to be productive instead of falling asleep. Your courses sound fascinating, I wouldn’t be tired in your classes 😊


        1. Hey, if I knew my students were writing good novels in class, I’d leave them alone, too. 🙂 Making literature is more important than talking about literature.


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