Fake Shortage

As we know from our experience in the USSR, the best way to create the demand for something people don’t want or need is to manufacture a fake shortage of it.

People think that if it’s in short supply, they definitely need to get in line to purchase it.

Don’t think, get it fast, while supplies last. It’s the cheapest trick of all.

Been there, done that.

6 thoughts on “Fake Shortage”

  1. For whatever reason, the mainstream media is absolutely obsessed with who gets to live first — possibly because it generates a lot of clicks. All through the year, NYT has been writing about who gets a shot at the ICU first — even though that question was never relevant since we have never had to ration care (except perhaps for two weeks in NYC). This is just the newest version.

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    1. Speaking of — every one I have recently spoken to has a healthy distrust of a rushed vaccine and plans to wait a few months before taking it. These even include people who have completely sold into the fear-mongering, are terrified of covid and have rarely left their homes since March — even they are some skeptical. The only person I know who has taken it is a doctor in her 50s and even she is somewhat ambivalent. I wonder where these hordes of people who are dying to take the vaccine are coming from.


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