Where Genius Lives

Thank God in heaven I decided to specialize in Hispanic literature. It was the best decision I could have made. I go on Amazon, pick up a random book by some young Mexican author, and it’s a freaking masterpiece.

Nobody could even begin to formulate the thoughts to write this kind of book in English today because genius doesn’t live in the kingdom of political correctness. Even if a writer this gifted somehow makes it through the school system and the pop culture that is deadened by propaganda, she’d be pecked to death by journalists, and Twitter mobs, and BLMers, and every power-tripping creep in existence.

I haven’t found anything published in English in the past two decades that would be worth a single sentence by this writer.

Her name is Fernanda Melchor and I’ll talk about her in more detail soon. For now, I’ll just say that I read English-language reviews of her masterpiece and saw how pathetically the terrified, PC-minded Anglo critics were trying to squeeze this genius writer into the procrustean bed of their wokism.

4 thoughts on “Where Genius Lives”

  1. Please, will you tell us the title of the novel? I see she has written Aqui no es Miami (Mapa de las lenguas) and Temporada de huracanes, a well as the forthcoming Paradais, still not available here in Europe.


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