Dangerous Theater

N and I took Klara to the Christmas lights show at the zoo yesterday. It’s an outdoors event but adults had to wear masks. After trudging around in heavy winter clothes and pushing a cart for 2,5 hours, my mask was wet all the way through. N and I both developed a massive headache, even though neither of us is a habitual headache sufferer. We both had nightmares and woke up completely shattered. It’s clear oxygen deprivation. It’s only now, 24 hours later that I feel back to normal.

This mask theater is actually bad for one’s health. We are all acting like total idiots with these masks and everything else.

35 thoughts on “Dangerous Theater”

  1. I am sorry you had this experience. The zoo is a wonderful place to visit. I made a mask to wear that I can breathe around. I look ridiculous in it. I made it red on purpose (as in, take the red pill). It makes me look like I have vulcan ears. It’s a joke.
    Yesterday, I had to visit Trader Joe’s and the cashier told me I had to stand on a “red dot” at the checkout. How will standing on a red dot stop the virus? I danced all around it the whole transaction. The cashier was not amused. Come to think of it, everybody has lost their sense of humor. Except me. I’m still having fun. I smile and greet most people–unless they are specifically rude to me.


      1. …and not all day without a break! They’re supposed to change them every hour or so, and normally only wear them while in surgery, seeing respiratory patients, etc… not walking about in the halls.


        1. I don’t understand why we are supposed to imitate doctors who work with sick people. Why not be like astronauts and wear space suits? Or firemen and run around with hoses?


          1. We’d be safer if we dressed like construction workers. We need steel-toed boots and hardhats! Safety first! While we’re at it, let’s mandate reflective orange vests, leather gloves, eye protection, GPS beacons, Kevlar armor, knee pads, elbow-pads, field first-aid kits, respirators, and personal flotation devices. Can’t be too safe!


    1. Outside of this pandemic, though Only during flu season and then only if we haven’t been vaccinated or aren’t feeling well. Also in a dry, air-conditioned environment with low humidity. You add high humidity to the mix and masks are dead awful.


      1. Everything changes depending on the context. Hazmat suits are great for working with hazardous materials, for instance, but are terrible if you are trying to swim in the swimming pool.


        1. I’m sure their breath rate is actually slower than usual. Imagine a surgeon breathing like he’s running a marathon. This shouldn’t happen. But two hours with the heart rate of 140 in a mask and I don’t know how you avoid oxygen deprivation.

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          1. Remember Ben Carson? He always looks a little sleepy. That’s a great surgeon. Very slow heart rate. A steady pulse. My pulse is over 100 normally, so I’d never be able to be a surgeon.

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  2. Zoo mammals like lions and tigers can and have caught COVID from infected humans. The zoo should be requiring all visitors to wear masks, anyway.


    1. ” lions and tigers can and have caught COVID from infected humans”

      Tiger Zombie! You can have that one for free….
      Covid symptoms give non-human animals human-type consciousness…. (this one has to start a few months or years later after the original infection)
      or infected people who visit the zoo find their consciousness switched with animals in the zoo…


      1. “Covid symptoms give non-human animals human-type consciousness…. or infected people who visit the zoo find their consciousness switched with animals in the zoo…”

        As you know, cliff, I occasionally write schlock horror tales that have no redeeming value, but do appeal to small-press magazine editors who actually do pay me — in cash — for the ridiculous but entertaining drivel that I write.

        THANK YOU for suggesting a sellable plot that — if I can find an editor stupid enough to buy it — you will get absolutely no by-line credit for suggesting, and not a dime’s worth of my author’s fee.

        (Of course, you can always beat me to the punch by gathering your fantastic Covid musings into a coherent plot to sell before I do — but since you’re still involved in a more honorable endeavor like teaching, I don’t think you’ll find the time. 🙂

        But, hey, further story suggestions are always welcome! Feel free to keep them coming…


          1. “not busily writing about the zombie Danish minks?”

            “Zombie Danish Minks” (shot in a hybrid style between Dogme and Forbrydelsen (The Killing) would be a required Xmas movie for me…. if only someone would make it! Why won’t someone make it?????


    2. Dreidel, I understand that you live in AZ but think about it. It’s winter. We’ve already had snow. Who’d put lions outside in winter in Missouri?

      We didn’t see any animals. It’s a Christmas lights show. The zoo needs to make money in winter to feed the animals so it hosts these light shows every winter. It’s all outdoors.


  3. Yes. This is very difficult. What you are experiencing is the paradox of Schrodinger’s Nurse. Do not ponder it for long, because it may drive you insane.


    These are the paradoxical terms: We all saw the Nurse get the wuflu vaccination. Then we all saw her collapse. We all saw she was wearing a mask the entire time. We all know these things are facts, because we saw it all on Youtube.

    But is Schrodinger’s Nurse alive or dead?

    Many physicists are unsure we can ever know. Others assert she is both alive and dead, in an infinitude of alternate universes and realities. Google, Netflix, Disney studios are going to introduce a Schrodinger’s Nurse in their new “Choose Your Own Virtual Reality” collaboration where they’ll project Schrodinger’s Hologram Nurse in your head, where she will comfort you that when you take the vaccine you will always be alive, never dead. Pornhub’s hologram Nurse is very naughty, and will fulfill all your fantasies: whether she is alive or dead is your menu option. Entire humanities departments say the Nurse is alive and dead as suits political expediency as an expression of power, which they assure us is the only way any assertion or discourse ever matters, because Derrida did Derrida doo, which means we need to obey them when they tell us what to believe and do.

    The expert scientific consensus according to the CDC and WHO is that we will only know when we’ve been told by Drs. Fauci or Birx, or an anchor on BBC, MSNBC or CNN: The most trusted sources in truth. Dismissing maddening paradoxes and contradictions is what they do. Listen to them. Believe them. Trust them. They’ll keep you sane.


  4. I live in a tropical place where humidity is high, wear a mask while pushing a heavy trolley for more than 30 minutes at a time, and am unaffected.

    Perhaps it is the kind of mask. May I ask if it is a properly made and rated FFP2 or FFP3 ie one of the kind marked with codes that look like KN95 or KN99?


    1. Hey, my trolley not only had a kid, a pile of blankets, and a snack box in it but also a toy Jedi sword. Let’s not compete in whose trolley is heavier here. 🙂


  5. Sorry to hear that, ma’am. I hate wearing masks but in my state one gets fined a lot for not wearing the damned things. It’s really pointless to see this in schools among very young kids since they don’t know how to wear them correctly and hate being separated. It creeped me out when I was in a first grade class and the nurse kept coming in to remind the kids to stay six feet apart in an eerie sing song voice, it disturbed me.

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      1. I know, it’s deeply disturbing to see really little pre-k and kindergarten age children forced to wear masks and they can’t be next to each other. It’s cruel since they were so eager to see their classmates but they can’t get next to each other, they didn’t understand why. This is highly unnatural.


  6. On the plus side, I went into an unfamiliar store today (no mask, of course) and got all the way to the back of the store before hearing the PA system loop into its electronic “all our customers must wear masks while in the store. Our employees do. Let’s look out for each other!” I was briefly alarmed, but decided if I’d got that far without an employee saying anything… well, let’s see how far I get. And what do you know? I got the thing I came for, trekked back to the register, and there were three other maskless people in line. And nobody said a word. 🙂 Clearly we have reached the point where employees of most shops simply shrug and say “that’s above my pay grade” and go on with their business.


    1. I was working in my office in an empty building today and felt the need for an urgent bathroom break. It was so urgent that I forgot to wear the stupid mask. Once I was ready to leave the toilet, I heard voices outside. So I hid in the bathroom so as to not traumatize the colleagues for whom masks are an article of religious faith.

      So I applaud your bravery. It definitely feels very pathetic to cower in the toilet at my stage in life. I wish I were more courageous.


      1. I recommend wearing a light scarf as a fashion accessory. Can double as a mask when necessary. Already saved me a couple of times in a similar situation.


      2. You’ve got a professional reputation to worry about. I’m not currently employed, and I live in a state where mask policy is currently up to the individual stores. There’s no legal penalty, all they can do is ask you to leave the store. So far, I’ve only run into one (pink haired with face piercings) clerk who tried to enforce that, even in shops that theoretically have a must-wear-masks policy. I think this is where you see people’s real attitudes coming out. They may not be willing to say it out loud. They won’t risk their jobs by going maskless, but when it comes to enforcing that store policy… nope. Can’t be bothered.


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