What I Missed

While I was recovering from my performance in mask theater (for real, folks, we felt like we’d done a night of hard partying instead of just taking a kid out for a few hours), the Congress decided to borrow – or print, I’ve lost track – another billion dollars to give to Joe Biden’s oligarchic campaign donors.

Remember, it’s not going to end until we decide we’ve had enough.

8 thoughts on “What I Missed”

  1. I don’t know when we will wake up, Clarissa. I recently spoke to quite a few of my friends who live in an ultra-liberal part of an ultra-liberal state. They are all highly educated people with PhDs, yet they have all swallowed the NYT narrative wholesale and are absolutely incapable of seeing past it. They still believe hard lockdowns work, masks do miracles, schools should stay closed or their kids will die, the teacher unions have a point — all the works. If you point them to what is happening in Europe, they think it’s because in Spain and France they did not lockdown hard enough. They even believe masks are keeping the flu out! I don’t know what will make these people see logic. I despair for us.


    1. ” my friends who live in an ultra-liberal part of an ultra-liberal state. … absolutely incapable of seeing past it.”

      To paraphrase the lyrics from a country western song (a source of much wisdom if people would only use it….)

      “You can fool a willing mind… some people long to be eternal suckers….”

      A special prize (of absolutely… nothing!) will be awarded to whoever recognizes the song… (hint: lurid southern gothic)


  2. Well, when given a Hobson’s choice of one crap candidate verses another crap candidate, it doesn’t matter who gets in, things stay fucked-up in the long-range scheme of things.
    …Occam’s Razor, and all that …..


  3. Who’s “we”? I can single-handedly do only so much and I am completely surrounded by people who favor eternal lockdown and favor The Steal. What is there to do, until enough of us have had our middle-class lives destroyed that the United States truly breaks apart?


    1. Unfortunately, we are truly in it together in this case. Everybody, or at least, a large majority, needs to wake up. I know how you feel but we are trapped by the unthinking complacency of the majority, unfortunately.


  4. “…middle class lives destroyed…”
    Have you noticed, with so many losing their jobs or businesses and going broke, that society’s response is to “keep them fed”, but not much else?
    The charities are going out of their way to send as many tons of food as they can to these new-found “needies”, but little-to-nothing-else. Do these folks not still have to buy clothes and shoes, or essentials, or wash their clothes, or make rent and utility payments ? Or pay for transportation (whether car payments and repairs, or bus and subway fares—that is, the public transit systems that have resumed their fares)?
    “Don’t give the needy or poor any money. They’ll just blow it on drugs and alcohol”.


  5. …I think the reason there’s so much emphasis on “keeping food on the table for the desperate and hungry” is so that, with their faces constantly stuffed (along with a “need to be ‘grateful'”), they won’t have the time or chance to complain about all the other ways they’re being neglected or how inadequate and imbalanced the handouts are in fulfilling ALL the needs that come up in their lives.


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