Brilliant Link on the Great Reset

Friends, here is a brilliant longish article on COVID and the Great Reset. I couldn’t explain it any better if I tried. Please read.

Hat tip to reader Cliff Arroyo.

17 thoughts on “Brilliant Link on the Great Reset”

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  2. What is your take on all of the high profile politicians getting the vaccine? I’ve seen posts about Pence, McConnell, Marco Rubio, Biden, Pelosi, and Joni Ernst getting it and I’m sure there have been others.


    1. I’m all for them doing that or anything else as long as they don’t force me to do it against my will. Plus, most of them are very old. They are actually at some minor risk from COVID. So let them go for it, I say.


  3. The second sentence of the article is: “At the same time, on January 23rd, China imposed the first lockdown in the history of humankind”.

    So China imposed the first…curfew…in the history of humankind.

    I’m going to be really polite and only ask why the word ‘curfew’ already existed before China imposed the first curfew.


  4. “China imposed the first…curfew…”

    The Chinese Communist Party treated/treats citizens in times of illness the way farmers treat livestock (immediately obvious if you grew up around livestock as I did).

    The basic tools are firewalls (separation) and culling (as in welding people inside buildings with no way out).

    You can admire that if you want, but… I’m not livestock to be herded by the Chinese Communist Party…


    1. I guess that’s why the Boers made such effective oppressors. They just adapted the strategies they used to control livestock on farms.


    2. @ cliff arroyo: Respectfully, may I ask why you’re talking about livestock and admiration of the Chinese Communist Party, since the sense of my comment was to point at the absurdity of what the article claimed.


      1. Respectually may I ask why you’re conflating lockdowns with curfews? The two are very different and serves to trivilize the severity and human costs of the Chinese Communist Party’s lockdown policies (a new export!)


        1. @ cliff arroyo: Because I found the second breathless sentence, being “At the same time, on January 23rd, China imposed the first lockdown in the history of humankind” to be absurd. Human beings have reacted to pestilence in approximately the same way for hundreds if not thousands of years.

          For example, searching the internet for the words “plague” and “curfew” at the same time brings up historical accounts describing pretty much what the Chinese Communist Party implemented, from border closures throughout Italy in the 1400’s, to “plague houses” throughout practically all of Europe where infected people were locked inside (according to archaeological record, some were even burned inside, in, from memory, central Asia), to movement restrictions past 10pm in London in the 1600’s, to people (the rich and nobility of Europe since medieval times) self quarantining at home (or in a tower) until the pestilence passed.


          1. “Italy in the 1400’s …. London in the 1600’s”

            So you have to go back literally hundreds of years into Europe’s past to find anything kind of similar to the current lockdowns (nb why does Italian media use ‘lockdown’ and not whatever term they were using in the 1400s….?)

            The lockdown is an attempt by the Chinese Communist Party to extend its soft power and to deflect criticism of its awful human rights abuses…


            1. “So you have to go back literally hundreds of years into Europe’s past to find anything kind of similar to the current lockdowns”

              No, not at all. A hundred years ago during the time of the Spanish flu there were mask mandates, school closures, church service closures, prohibitions of mass gatherings etc. intended to reduce transmission. It was “social distancing” and “flattening the curve” without the branding, really.

              After that about seventy years ago specific businesses were closed in response to polio, with swimming pools in particular. Isolation was common. Regarding that disease, swimming pools and other confined spaces were identified as being places of transmission. If it were restaurants and nightclubs instead of pools, it would be similar to today.

              As for why they call it a “lockdown”, yes I agree. New names, however stupid, seem to be used over and over so that whoever has come up with the name can define what it is, even if it already exists. Perhaps especially if it already exists. I personally don’t like the term at all and think that such things should be called by what they are – movement prohibitions, activity prohibitions etc.


              1. What I don’t get is why we are stuck on this excursion into history with do many things happening right now?

                I encourage people’s thirst for arcana but aren’t we getting very far away from the point?


              2. @ Clarissa: We aren’t really stuck. My point is in regards to the writer being a bit too ignorant of history for my liking, while I think that cliff arroyo has determined that the word “lockdown” carries a particular significance or has a particular meaning that we’re still chatting about.

                Anyway after a bit of taking, I’m sure that we will get there in the end. After all, we’re all in this together 🙂


  5. Okay, you often have great material on this blog, but this essay is, I don’t know, an example of paranoid literalism. I say this because it calls the worldwide lockdowns the result of a CCP “information operation” – i.e. China deliberately tricked the rest of the world into committing economic suicide, it was what they intended all along.

    I don’t know the exact relationship between China, Big Tech, Davos, and lockdown mania, but I’m quite sure this is not it. For example, western Big Tech is not a lackey of China; on the contrary, western Big Tech has its own megalomanic dreams of ruling the world.

    So like many conspiracy screeds, the article has some great facts in it, but they have to be detached from the too-simple framing that they are given.

    The article itself comes from a very weird source too. If you look up the personal website of the author – her eponymous dot com, rather than her essay-blog at – you’ll find she’s advertising her services as a “high class escort” in Berlin. My intuitive first guess is that she’s from a libertarian element of the new German right (AfD, etc).

    One thing that interests me is whether she is simply what she seems, or whether there’s more at work. There are all kinds of strange people in the world (most of us look strange when seen from a sufficient distance), writing Internet essays and polemics, but some of them have powerful hidden backers or promoters. For example, the pro-Russian English-language geopolitical sites carry a highly heterogeneous bunch of political thinkers, who are being a given a boost by sites backed by Russia. I find myself wondering if this woman is similarly part of something bigger, and if so, what.


      1. Everybody now knows that the videos of people dropping dead in the streets from COVID were fake, right? These were purposefully fake.

        The videos were crucial to convincing people to accept the lockdowns. How come the Chinese government allowed these videos to proliferate? They don’t have enough control over their information flow? They had no method of informing the public that the videos were fake? Anybody who denies that China engineered the panic needs to explain these videos. It also needs to explain the enormous efforts that WHO and the digital oligarchy were making to ensure that the virus spread as fast as possible by screaming down efforts to close borders to China.


    1. On further research, she seems to align with the German left, though I don’t know what kind of left (Vice featured her in a story about rights of sex workers).

      There’s something here about the publication which featured her essay on The Great Reset. Said to have been started by three artists from a left-wing art movement. One of them (Wolfgang Spraul) may be involved with an “open hardware” project with ties to both China and California. The publication itself appears to be anti-globalist but from some kind of left-wing perspective. Among the sins of the western elite, it includes demonization of Russia and China. So the details are murky.


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