More about Censorship

Also, talking about censorship, the only reason why I did the edited volume was because I wanted to say some things that I knew nobody would dare publish, so I had to become my own editor.

The volume will come out in a couple of weeks, and I’ll link my theoretical chapter so people can see how boring and utterly uncontroversial it is. Yet I wouldn’t even try to place it anywhere else because I know it’s useless.

For example, there’s a paragraph in my chapter where I speak sympathetically about the people who protested against COVID lockdowns. (This was written in May-June). That wouldn’t fly. I criticize cosmopolitan feminism of Hillary-type feminists. I criticize the academics’ love affair with transnationalism and interdisciplinary studies, saying that the goal of these interdisciplinary programs is often to promote austerity. Nobody would touch something like this, so I had to do it myself.

This is what it has come to.

8 thoughts on “More about Censorship”

  1. ” saying that the goal of these interdisciplinary programs is often to promote austerity”

    At least you didn’t say something truly, transgressive and rebellious like ‘men don’t get pregnant’ or ‘women don’t have pensises’…


  2. Well done, Clarissa. Sometimes in academics we do have to create our own venues. In my field, there was a big disagreement among two groups of people in the early 90s, which led one group to create a new conference and journal. Guess what, the new venues are now immensely more impactful and successful, while the older ones are dying.

    With your creativity and the quality of your scholarship, I have every confidence that the same thing will happen to you and many young academics will follow your footsteps.

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  3. “Yet I wouldn’t even try to place it anywhere else because I know it’s useless.”

    Worse than useless. It’s probably dangerous. Best to leave this kind of thing to the professional contrarians/bullet sponges who have secured salaries etc ime.


  4. And thank you for creating a space for my piece, which hadn’t been very publishable because it’s left not liberal and is written from a southern not northern hemisphere point of view. Getting that out really changed me, I’d felt more hampered by the non-publication of the thing more than I realized.

    I’m an internationalist but not a transnationalist and I’ve got to figure out what I mean by this. The one big industrial union, etc. I guess I will make it a goal to have this as a side effect of my next writing project


    1. The volume wouldn’t happen without your chapter, for real. I’m glad we gave a platform to early-career scholars but we needed a serious, hefty piece, and yours did that. It will be such a useful resource for people who want to work on these subjects.

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      1. Srsly, it was therapeutic. It caused me to pull out some other allegedly unpublishable pieces and rework for the 3d decade of the 21st century. One of these is under editorial consideration, another is almost done and I know where I’m sending, and I’ve started on the one after that and know where I’m sending it too. This is why I have been so bad on e-mail, it is what I am doing and I am mesmerized.

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