Trust Health Professionals

Well, duh. Why wouldn’t she travel? Why wouldn’t anybody travel? I’m sure she doesn’t do her hair herself or avoid restaurants.

Trust healthcare professionals, everybody, and start traveling already.

9 thoughts on “Trust Health Professionals”

  1. Isn’t 2020 a miraculous year? COVID-19 has actually been quite a blessing in the way all other health issues have “mysteriously disappeared” in order to “make room for” it.
    COVID-19 has “eliminated” all other diseases and disorders, so now the only thing to do is figure out how to eliminate COVID-19 and “the world will be saved”—we’ll all be “disease-free” for the first time in the history of mankind.
    We should all rejoice!!! 2020’s been so good to us!!!


  2. re: Dr Bix (who dat?)

    It’s like the guy in England who was flogging lockdowns… and then promptly broke them for a booty call….

    This is what I mean “I’ll take this seriously when those at the top (including ‘experts’) do”.


  3. The woman is a physician by title only. She worked as a diplomat, and headed up the COVID19 response at the White House that not only got the president infected, but the security director as well, the latter of whom has spent the past month having bits of his legs cut off as a result of COVID complications.


  4. Don’t you know the experts and authorities are but surrogate “abusive parents”?
    ….all they care about is scolding, over-disciplining, coercing mandatory obedience via strong-arm threats and methods, exerting total control over you, and reiterating how “emotionally and intellectually inferior” you are and why “you’ll never be able or fit to” take care of yourself and thus “will always need a guardian to constantly watch over you”, and how “your character is so low you’re never to be trusted”—and all that.


  5. Family of U.S. teen jailed in Cayman Islands for breaking Covid protocols asks Trump for help
    …Skylar is a pre-med student from Georgia. She traveled to visit her boyfriend, Vanjae Ramgeet, 24, who was in the Cayman Islands for a jet-skiing competition.

    Mack did not isolate for the mandatory 14 days.

    Instead, Mack said she isolated for two days and tested negative twice for coronavirus before abandoning her tracking device and leaving isolation to attend her boyfriend’s jet-skiing competition.

    Mack was sentenced to prison last week….


        1. “civil disobedience, but… doing it while visiting a foreign country is not the smart way ”

          18 year olds are seldom the smartest tools in the shed… not as blazingly stupid as 13-16 year olds, but still pretty dumb about a lot of things, so… yeah, dumb person meets dumb law and dumb thing happens…

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