We’ve Been Had

The new COVID relief bill gives $500,000,000 to Israel. All due respect and all that, but what does Israel have to do with our COVID troubles?

It also offers a bunch of money to Egypt, Burma, and even has a provision about racehorses. And 4 billion for new weapons for the Navy. Well, at least it’s US Navy, so let’s fire up the printing presses, right?

We are being had.

P.S. I forgot to mention a cool half billion in aid to Ukraine. I’m obviously against that even more than I’m against aid to Burma or Israel.

15 thoughts on “We’ve Been Had”

  1. “It also offers a bunch of money ”

    This is essentially how all legislation in Congress has worked forever, with huge amounts of provisions that couldn’t be passed on their own tucked into bills that members are afraid to vote against….
    A constitutional amendment outlawing that practice would have my full support (and of course stand as much chance of passing as Joe Biden doing the NYT crossword on his own does…)


    1. SB, don’t know if you’ve read a a possible answer to your question why ‘social distancing’ instead of ‘distancing.’
      The answer provided by one Russian blogger I read was that ‘social’ stands for ‘for the poor’, f.e. a social worker is somebody working with the poorest in society.

      There was another proposed new term from Russian Internet – ‘biocorrectness’ = ‘behaving in an epidemiologically responsible fashion.’ F.e. a biocorrect citizen / theater .

      Turns out English speaking world already has a similar term – biosecurity.

      (from the article) “Since 2003, a new paradigm called “Biosecurity,” the fusion of medicine, artificial intelligence, and the military, has been promoted around the world, allegedly to defend against the increased threat from bio-weapons and pandemics “


    1. I don’t think you understood the point I was making. But then you are the kind of person who seriously quotes excitable bimbos nattering about “outright Nazis,” so I don’t expect you to.


      1. With all due respect, I thought the point you were making was quite clear and refutable. To quote an excitable lady,
        “ The new COVID relief bill gives $500,000,000 to Israel. All due respect and all that, but what does Israel have to do with our COVID troubles?”

        Israel has nothing to do with our COVID troubles. There are multiple spending bills combined into an omnibus bill to finish up the funding business. They are aligned only in timing and perhaps in the wishful minds of those who want something to natter about.

        “Congressional leaders on Sunday clinched a deal for a new $900 billion round of coronavirus stimulus, which will be included in a year-end spending package.”

        “The omnibus measure wraps 12 spending bills into one and funds agency operating budgets through Sept. 30 of next year.”


        1. It’s really boring when pissy, undeservedly supercilious people persist after they’ve been shown their place. We are expressing anger that this “year-end spending package” includes so many ridiculous giveaways at a time when the economy is collapsing. That the bills were written separately and then racked onto one large bill is not interesting. It’s the fact that the giveaway is happening that’s disturbing. I suggest you concentrate on how people are being robbed to make these giveaways. That’s the real scandal here.


  2. The scam isn’t that 500 million was given to Israel using some shady legislation. The scam is that 500 million came out of a printer like magic.


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