This Is the Life

I finished up my work at the office and went to a restaurant alone to celebrate the end of my first semester as Chair with a gigantic bread pudding that I ate while reading the most delicious catfight scandal in the Russian Facebook.

Now I have to visit a few stores because we have guests coming tomorrow and I still don’t have presents. We also have a guest of honor coming over on Thursday. Then we have two kids’ events on Friday and Saturday. Then church on Sunday. These are all real, in-person events, of course.

As Klara says, “this is the life.”

Suck on it, Branch Covidians. (Not that we have any on this blog, thank goodness. But I have some pretty rabid ones in FB).

9 thoughts on “This Is the Life”

  1. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. The bread pudding looks delicious. This is my first year not to bake cookies. I hope to ward off the extra 10 pounds I always “find” at the holidays. We are doing in person Christmas–though we are the ones traveling. we hope we don’t get stuck in a state that is locked down. We will probably get arrested for resisting. But I am wrapping all the presents up now. My husband’s first time to meet his grand daughter. We are thrilled.

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  2. That bread pudding looks amazing. Unfortunately my state is shut down and the few things that are open require masks and distancing with big fines for violations. I got presents for my family online but I miss going to the mall around this time to see the Christmas decorations and my young cousins couldn’t see Santa at the mall. At least churches are open and going to have Christmas masses, thank God for that


    1. Oh, my state is shut down, too. There are a few restaurants that are not complying, so I visit those.

      The stores are open but there are often lines outside because they limit the number of people inside. The bookstore is besieged by rabid customers.


      1. In my state, restaurant owners are terrified of being fined so they stay shut. Take a guess what state this is, we are on the east coast and had one of the “highest” rates of Covid and haven’t had any consistently open schools since March.


          1. I know, many mothers can’t work since they have to watch their kids and the Zoom classes suck so much. Teachers are seeing disturbing stuff on Zoom cameras and they can’t notify child welfare since it’s not in school. Our governor is an idiot, but I didn’t vote for him. Ours is a state known for it’s crooked and worthless politicians


            1. It isn’t true they can’t notify. I’m a mandated reporter just like the teachers. If they see any form of abuse or neglect they are required to report. Don’t they know that?


              1. That’s what I was told in the schools where I had a couple of substitute teacher aide gigs before the schools shut down again. I was told to just make sure the kids were on Google Classroom and that the teacher would handle anything odd. I would be in a class with three or four kids for half a day to monitor them, then they would go home and continue the sessions in the afternoon. They just needed someone to mind the kids for the morning


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