Fawning Coverage

Even in the USSR, the state media were less fawning and subservient to the leadership. This is North-Korea-style embarrassing:

And it’s not like he’s even been any good. The guy’s dumb, lazy, impotent and utterly corrupt. He’s had no achievements, even according to his biggest fans.

6 thoughts on “Fawning Coverage”

  1. “The guy’s dumb, lazy, impotent and utterly corrupt. He’s had no achievements”

    Yet somehow you haven’t been whining like a cranky infant about him 78 times a day during his term in office… what are you trying to act like, a reasonable adult?

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    1. Oh, please, can’t we have a rest from the Trump whining? Trudeau is a not-very-bright rich kid who’s family name, good looks and connections won him the leadership of the Liberal party. He is the dumbest Prime Minister in our country’s history–seriously, off-script he can barely string two sentences together–and several world leaders have called him out for his stupidity.

      He has alienated our relationship with our most important ally-the US–while sucking up to the Chinese Communist Party, the organization that brought us COVID and has, to date, murdered about 70 million people. He’s a petty little tyrant who’s bought into every neoliberal globalist intervention and he’s using the COVID crisis to put through his TedTalk version of the Great Reset, where he and his woke capitalist friends will gather more power to themselves while giving us peasants a paltry “guaranteed income.”

      When Chelsea Clinton or one of the Obama kids is handed the Presidency, Americans will get the idea…


      1. So true. Thank you for this great comment. When I bring any of this up with his fans, I invariably hear that “he’s so cute!” Even the fans aren’t prepared to defend Trudeau’s intellect.


        1. Thank you. Several friends stop speaking to me after I criticized, on Facebook, the Human TedTalk’s handling of the COVID crisis. It’s insane. The only reason for even mild optimism is that, at least here in Southern Ontario, normal people are starting to turn against the latest lockdowns, the second-largest of which started three days before Christmas. Even the old Italian ladies at our church were pissed off, and a few lifelong Liberal supporters were cursing Trudeau.

          Anyways, keep up the good work. I need this blog right now to help me stay sane! Merry Christmas…

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  2. It has been my experience that throughout the Western world, journalism has been taken over by beta personalities who think that licking arse is a virtue.

    By way of contrast, to my knowledge, people who work as journalists in authoritarian states tend to be smarter, are sometimes alphas, and who are practical about licking arse. They don’t like it and know that it isn’t a virtue, but it because it is required for survival or advancement.

    This might sound strange but I prefer the latter. When you stomp them into the ground, they know why you did it. The former, though, starts wailing that is isn’t ‘fair’. In my experience of course.


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