Birds of Prey

I caught some CNN coverage at the gym this morning, and what these bastards are doing to people with anxiety disorders is downright torture.

Please, if you know people with anxiety issues, tell them to avoid the CNN, The New York Times, and WashPo. Those animals are preying on vulnerable people. It’s s disgrace.

2 thoughts on “Birds of Prey”

  1. This post reminds me of something I noticed long before covid.

    The only time I see any daytime television is when I’m in the gym. One conclusion I’ve drawn from what I’ve seen is that TV commercials that run during daylight hours are aimed exclusively at hardcore hypochondriacs. It seems like every one of them is informing you in grim detail about some horrible disease or condition you might not know you have.

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  2. This reminds me of how I warn people about the dangers of consuming highly processed sugars. They are toxic to the body and should be avoided. And yet people love how they taste because they have never even tried to eat natural sugars. They guzzle soda and eat fried fast foods and stay sick. People are often addicted to toxic behaviors. And until they are willing to change, one has a very difficult time trying to enlighten them.

    I never knew grapefruit was sweet without sugar sprinkled on top until I quit cane sugar. I grew up eating fruit with sugar sprinkled on it. It wasn’t until I weighed 310 pounds and was desperate to lose weight that I was willing to accept I had a serious eating problem and make necessary changes.

    I also used to believe everything I saw on the news was true. Why would reporters lie? And then I realized everybody is selling something. Humans are consumers by nature. What we consume, consumes us. These news junkets are just as poisonous as diet coke and twice as addictive. The best thing we can do is turn them off and read a book instead.

    I suggest we start with Animal Farm: A Fairy Story, by George Orwell.

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