Christmas Eve Menu 2020

Stuffed turkey rolls, the traditional Olivier salad, sandwiches, and a vegetable salad. There’s also soup and pasta for the little participant.

Of course, the really big meal will happen on New Year’s Eve. I’m planning to go crazy Soviet (food-wise), so we aren’t asking anybody over.

Merry Christmas!

(Real Christmas Eve is on January 6, of course, but we celebrate all of them because why not).

4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Menu 2020”

  1. Yummy! Merry Christmas to you Clarissa and your family! When I think of Russia/Soviet/Ukraine food I think of dumplings! Yum yum yum!


    1. “an Orthodox coworker …insists that Christmas is only the start of Christmas”

      That used to be the case, the first day of Christmas is Christmas and the twelfth day is the day before Epiphany…

      In Poland the only really important Christmas holiday is Christmas Eve… (with the sharing of opłatek* and a lenten dinner and maybe midnight mass ‘pasterka’) there are no special traditions on Christmas itself or the day after (also a holiday… for some reason).

      Traditionally kids get presents more on Mikołaj (december 6) and gifts exchanged for Christmas (also opened on the 24th) tend toward the small and symbolic – though there have been tons of advertising campaigns aimed at getting people to spend more money and follow the American calendar more closely…



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