Self-help Realization

I noticed that if I can’t do something perfectly, then I don’t do it at all.

If I can’t go to the gym for 3 hours, then I don’t go at all.

If I can’t speak French fluently, then I pretend I have no French. This really freaks out people at work who suddenly realize I’ve understood all their French conversations they’ve been having in the hallway for the past decade.

I need to start understanding that some is better than none. I have a very categorical, all-or-nothing mentality, and it isn’t always good.

9 thoughts on “Self-help Realization”

  1. Well then, I’m guessing your Christmas will be perfect by default. Enjoy! Also, as the year comes to close, thank you for your posts and providing an outlet to voice my frustration with the current events. You and this blog have been a great boon this year. Greetings 🙂


  2. I am unsure 3 hours at the gym is perfect from health point of view. Thought working out shouldn’t take more than 1 hour to be effective. Mike at the blog we both read lifts weights and received the desired results. Interesting what is his experience.

    Another idea I have is that it is better to work out 1 hour each day than 3 hours at once every 3 days.

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  3. I have an all or nothing mentality about food. Eat it all or eat none. It’s not healthy at all! But I am learning and that’s the most important mentality to have! Learn and grow. And then teach others! You are on your way.


  4. “I noticed that if I can’t do something perfectly, then I don’t do it at all”

    Isn’t this just another manifestation of an addictive personality – if you can’t get addicted then you’re not interested in what it’s like in moderation?


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