Perverting Montessori

This is a Montessori school in DC about the way they are planning to educate children between ages of 3 and 5:

These bastards killed Montessori! The whole philosophy of the Montessori method (which is great and wonderful) is “let kids be kids and let them explore their individuality.”) This is clearly the opposite. It’s also intensely disgusting.

4 thoughts on “Perverting Montessori”

  1. Oh man. I don’t really have much of a commercial instinct, but I can tell a lucrative race to the bottom when I see one.

    I don’t think they’re starting early enough – bias clearly begins well before birth.

    For a very moderate investment, you can actually stream the sounds of multi-faceted voices through straight to your unborn child. We can also use soft abdominal lights to better expose your child to the myriad faces of underrepresented people.

    If not yet a parent or looking to add to your family, our helpful staff are open to exploring options with you for an equity-based conception.

    Finally, as an experimental unbiasing treatment, we provide an exciting trans-fusion option that will allow you to replace the blood type that was assigned to you at birth with an intersection of blood types that better reflect the composition of our local population.

    We are grateful to be part of this journey with you!

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  2. Clarisa, Thanks for your info about the DC Montessori School. Two of my grandkids spent several wonderful years at a Montessori School in North Carolina. As an octogenarian now, with 34 years of teaching experience, in virtually all grades from kindergarten to university level, I was always impressed how kindergartners and younger grade children seemed oblivious to race, forming friendship with other children no matter what color. I always noticed a total lack of any prejudice in young children in play or in school. It was especially true in my grandkids Montessori school. Children of all colors and races were truly colorblind. It seems to me that our diversity policies and politics are exacerbating extreme racism and hatred of opposing groups
    Fi on you, Montessori Schools ! !


    1. “I was always impressed how kindergartners and younger grade children seemed oblivious to race”

      And that’s what they want to subvert… inculcating racial enmity from the youngest age possible. It’s tragic that they’re corrupting a valuable and venerated educational program for their race hatred agenda…


      1. Exactly! What can be more disgusting than planting the seeds of racial resentments in small children? Or gender resentment, or ethnic, or religious, whatever. Kids need to play and explore the world. That’s it. Montessori used to be all about that.


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