I’m Annoying

I’m at home alone. A colleague drops by unannounced.

“Whatcha doing?” the colleague asks.

“Working on my research,” I answer honestly.

“Oh, fuck you,” the colleague replies.

A couple hours later, another friend drops by unannounced.

“Whatcha doing?” she asks. “Are you having people over? You look so glamorous!”

“No, I’m working on my research.”

“In a cocktail dress? OK, then.”

I’m starting to think I might be slightly weird.

5 thoughts on “I’m Annoying”

  1. Every one of the Slavic ladies at church puts the rest of us to shame fashion-wise, all the time. They always look so nice, with tailored clothes and beautiful accessories and nice shoes and everything just so. I’m in awe. Is it a cultural thing?

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    1. Absolutely it is. I actually dress better at home then I do for the outside world because I want to be pretty for my husband. But overall, the concept of casual clothing or a casual look doesn’t exist in our culture.

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  2. I get dressed up just for myself all the time. Casual means not wearing heels. I don’t own shorts. I even have dresses for going camping.


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