Anglos and Control

English-speakers can’t accept that there are things they can’t control.

That’s why sex change dogma is embraced so religiously in Anglo countries.

That’s why the inheritable nature of intelligence – which is utterly uncontroversial everywhere else – is so hotly denounced.

That’s why people freak out when told that the process of parenting has something to do with its outcome.

That’s why English-speaking countries wage a war on physiology and biology.

Don’t get me wrong, the Anglo culture is the best and definitely superior to mine by five hundred light years. But it does have this weird hangup about control. It’s very noticeable when you look at it from the outside.

21 thoughts on “Anglos and Control”

  1. That’s interesting because my family background is Cuban and my mother is more laid back and accepting of delays and such, but I worry myself into knots over stuff. I actually have OCD and I feel I have to be in control, even though the priest at our church says God is in control. If there’s any chance of wind I compulsively check my phone to see power outages in my area, and I hoard writing supplies plus organize all my CDs in different colored cases. Then I grew up speaking English in the US and she grew up speaking Spanish in Cuba


  2. The Germans tried controlling biology back in the 1930s when the first gender reassignment surgery was performed there. Afterwards, the Germans attempted to control things like Jewish people with camps, mentally handicapped people with sterilisation, human lineages with eugenics, Europe/Russia with invasion etc.

    I’m pretty sure that the Germans didn’t use English when attempting to control all of these things & setting the planet on fire 🙂


      1. I’m not an expert in these things, but to be honest would say that it seems like something that human beings tend to do rather than any particular language group among them.

        Take the Chinese, for example. Their government wants to control how much food people eat per day via their new ‘clean your plate’ policy, plus what genes the Chinese people have in future via genetic manipulation, and even what news stories Chinese people watch in other countries by telling those other nations what they can show on domestic television. They even want to decide who gets to keep their own organs.

        Maybe I’m just getting old or something but these days everyone seems like a different version of everyone else, but who knows, I could be wrong.


        1. “the Chinese, for example. Their government ”

          The Chinese communist party (responsible for the death of tens of millions of people) are not in any way representative of Chinese people…
          True, one party absolute rule by the Chinese communist party has done massive social damage to the people unfortunate enough to live under them (that will take decades to even begin to repair) but the Chinese people I’ve known (mostly lovely people – especially those from Taiwan or Hong Kong) don’t have the Anglo mania for personal control….


          1. “The Chinese communist party (responsible for the death of tens of millions of people) are not in any way representative of Chinese people…”

            I think that the CCP represents the average person in China much more than any political party in the West represents the average Westerner, since out of 1.4 billion Chinese people, more than 90 million are CCP members.

            In addition, about 200 million people are paid a salary from the Chinese government, in workplaces that are very likely to have a party branch inside.

            So, based on that, I wonder if it isn’t fair to say that people in the West tend to be more autocratic, demanding control over their own lives, while Chinese people (based on political participation rates in an authoritarian regime) demand more control over the lives of others.


      1. “No, Germans are the opposite. Their idea was that biology defines everything. A Jew couldn’t become an Aryan by declaring he was one.”

        So then why did they change biology by performing the first sex change? To quote the wiki article:

        “Lili Elbe was the first known recipient of male-to-female sex reassignment surgery, in Germany in 1930. She was the subject of four surgeries: one for orchiectomy, one to transplant an ovary, one for penectomy, and one for vaginoplasty and a uterus transplant.”


        1. ” why did they change biology by performing the first sex change? ”

          Germans, for the most part, are traditionally very relaxed about personal preferences in matters of sex… and interested in technology…. this sounds like those coming together…


          1. @cliff arroyo: Clarissa stated “Their idea was that biology defines everything.”

            Then you stated “Germans, for the most part, are traditionally very relaxed about personal preferences in matters of sex… and interested in technology…. this sounds like those coming together…”

            The only way that works is if you’re suggesting that Germans think that biology defines everything and so are exploring using technological means to control the biology that controls everything. Which they might be, of course.

            Personally though, to me it just sounds like Germans acting in the same way most other groupings of humans do.


            1. “if you’re suggesting that Germans think that biology defines everything”

              Not my claim and more true of the Nazi period than anything before or after. I was making a claim about German attitudes about sex (which historically are pretty…. relaxed) and technology which Germans have always loved (for good or ill).
              Before the current trans….. whatever it is….. transsexuals were not perceived as fulfilling some kind of metaphysical destiny but were mostly perceived as pursuing a personal agenda of sexual fulfillment and Germans… more often than not…. have been relatively cool with that.


              1. “Not my claim”

                You’re right. Reading the posts again, the way that you answered something put to Clarissa blurred what I was thinking. Apologies.

                Regarding what you said about Germans being relaxed about sexuality and interested in technology giving rise to the first operation – there’s nothing to be said against that imo.


  3. It might have to do with the fact that that Protestant God is less controlling. Catholic God on the other hand is in full charge of your destiny dispensing graces and punishments on daily basis. If God is not in control, you take charge.

    Although accepting dogmas has more to do with denouncing control rather than trying to control something.


    1. The goal is always to become the person who sets dogmas. It’s like those endless articles “I’m X identity and here are 10 ways [commandments] on how to talk to me.”

      There’s also a lot of “first there was the Word and I have the power to name things” in the ridiculous speech codes.


  4. This would also explain why the Covid hysteria has taken an extreme form in the Anglo world, although there might be other reasons too. While probably no Western country has been free from hysteria, I think continental Europe has been better at keeping away from patent nonsense the UK, Ireland, US and Canada have fully bought into, such as “zero Covid”, “no live music/theatre/in-person education until a vaccine” and indeed “let’s keep social distancing and wearing masks after the vaccine”.


    1. Exactly. The language of control is obsessive cropping up around the issue of COVID. “When the virus is under control” is what people keep saying. What that means, nobody explains. What degree of “control” will be comforting enough?


  5. Is it the imperialism? My parents were like this, in an irrational way. Either they controlled everything, as in, knowing exactly what time the mail would arrive, etc., or they would be desperate/disoriented and would assume they were completely powerless. I don’t notice as much of this elsewhere–elsewhere you DO want to be in control of what you can / need to, but don’t assume you’ll be able to direct everything. I’ve figured it was either the Calvinism–God has decided you are one of the elect or not, and you’d better be able to prove to yourself that you are because otherwise the anxiety about going to Hell regardless of what you do will be too much–or the imperialism, wherein you by birthright control everything and if you can’t, the world no longer makes sense.


  6. This definitely holds for the Midwestern WASPs that surround me. I must seem like an animal to some of my super-controlling colleagues. Their rigidity and the impetus to impose more structure on everything in response to stress, in turn, stress me out.

    I wonder how much of it is personality type and the societal structures that help raise kids. Among Myers-Briggs types, the I/ESFJ are the most abundant ( A similar approach are the four personality types by Gretchen Rubin (upholder, obliger, questioner, and rebel I have never met such passionate upholders as WASPs, even when the rules are stupid and pointless, and the person in intelligent and surely sees the problem with said rules. Midwestern WASPs want to raise their kids to be upholders, and the schools are organized in the same manner.

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  7. I think it has more to do with culture, Anglo-American culture at that, rather than merely English-speaking culture. And more specifically, something to do with the Evangelical Fundamentalist strain of Anglo-American culture, a certain idea of unshakable certitudes and overriding principles. Come to think about it, it really is about Totalitarian mentality rather than anything else, the idea that there some non-negotiable principle to which everyone must subscribe or else they are insane. Plus the idea that America is the world… You could simply call it parochial fanaticism, rather than English-speaking culture, and be done with it. And it stands to reason, after all, only 15% of US citizens have passports…


  8. What Clarissa describes as examples of refusal to accept biological realities makes more sense if she substitutes “capitalism” for “Anglos” and “English speaking.” I’m not sure I’m willing to concede that English speakers are the foremost practitioners of capitalism as currently organized. 🙂

    Forget sex changes. Capitalism distinctly isn’t organized around female biological realities. It isn’t really organized around male biological realities either, but reproducing as a woman is in direct conflict with winning at capitalism.


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