On and On

Yet another study has demonstrated that asymptomatic people don’t transmit SARS-COV-2.

It’s been known forever but nobody wants to notice the research because it means lockdowns and masks are completely useless.

There was a big study out of China showing the same thing a few weeks ago.

3 thoughts on “On and On”

  1. It’s been noticed though, which is why a lot of countries shortened their direct contact quarantines to the disease’s incubation period, rather than 2 weeks. Presymptomatic people are, of course, highly contagious in the 1-2 days before symptom start.


    1. I’m very happy for those countries but I’m being forced against my will to undergo a highly unreliable PCR test in several days that produces an enormous number of false positives and condemns a person to tell weeks’ ban from work.

      This is very upsetting to me. But I’m genuinely glad people in other countries are not such idiots as we are.


      1. Regular PCR testing for college professors does sound absurd, considering that, from what you say, the number of cases where you live is very low. You are neither a first-line medic who is more likely to be exposed than the general population, nor a worker at an old people’s home or palliative care facility, where the secondary risk would be large enough to go super paranoid. I’m sorry you have to deal with this, this is like, the ur-example of how not to use a medical diagnostic test, and anyone with a basic-arithmetic education in statistics has ran into this specific example :/

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