Risk Assessment

I know somebody who is a mask fanatic. Really obsessed. The only thing she does more often than rant about the people who put everybody at risk by not wearing masks is text while driving.

This is not a young person, mind you. But she totalled a new car this year because of this unfortunate addiction. She gave me a few rides back when I didn’t drive, and I’m grateful and all but it was scary.

OK, I’m very fussy about texting and driving. But that isn’t the point. The point is that people often have the most bizarre risk assessment.

This isn’t a post about masks, and I’m definitely not trying to generalize about mask wearers. I used to know a guy who was constantly on my case for never wearing a hat in winter. He was really into the whole winter kit – gloves, scarves, hats, everything. He was also a heroin addict. It felt so weird when he’d start going on about my lack of proper winter attire.

He got cured, by the way, so he’s fine. And I still don’t wear a hat in winter.

One thought on “Risk Assessment”

  1. This is bringing to mind my blog post from October HOW TO PROPERLY SPIT ON THE SIDEWALK DURING A PANDEMIC, wherein outside of “Wear a mask. Social distance. Wash hands 40 time a day.” all other germ-producing practices aren’t even noticed or taken into consideration.
    Of course I also wear those face masks when out and about, if not mainly for the sake of “social diplomacy” and on account of the “martial law” aspect of the current (and now normal?) health regulations.


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