The Contemptible #MeToo

Raphael Warnock, the Democrats’ great hope of retaking the Senate, is a wife-beater. There’s a video of police coming to his house to stop Warnock from brutalizing his wife. The poor woman cries and tells about the hell she’s been living.

For the millionth time, the brave #MeTooers have zero interest in the story. I still remember wall-to-wall coverage given to a grad student in Canada who slept with a guy in hopes he’d help her get published and, when he didn’t, felt “like completely raped.” There was also the story of some male comedian having an unsuccessful date with a gold-digging woman and then being excoriated on every channel.

The depth of my contempt for #MeToo has no limits. Of course, it’s easy to despise it now but I was nauseated by it from Day 1.

2 thoughts on “The Contemptible #MeToo”

  1. From where I’m sitting the same can be said about most of the democrat platform. It’s like half the USA virtue signals as a form of voting.


  2. My father would have laughed and said I Told You So. He thought most show biz people were gross and that most actresses slept their way to the top, he was a big cinemaphile but thought actors were worthless as people. This whole MeToo stuff is about dumb chicks who didn’t get the role they wanted or were offended to be propositioned by an ugly guy, they don’t actually care about real victims of abuse. Since I’m fat, wear glasses and have no interest in being famous, it gives a weird sense of schadenfreude to see how hypocritical these women are.


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