Hilarious Hillaria

If the hilarious Hillaria announced she’s a guy, nobody would have dared to question it even though the difference between a woman and a man is a lot more portentous than between being from Massachusetts and being from Spain. I pass for Argentinean without trying, and it required no amputation of body parts and not a drop of medication.

It’s really weird that clearly physiological categories are declared to be spiritual while the completely non-physiological ones (like being Spanish or latino) suddenly become physical. Why is it more important and less possible to change that Hillaria was born in Boston than that she was born with a uterus? If you can change your sex on your birth certificate, then why not change your place of birth?

I have no interest in doing it but if I wanted to, I’d be completely justified in claiming to be Hispanic. My whole professional life is about promoting the Hispanic culture. There are many, many people around the world who would have never heard about Castellanos Moya or Fernanda Melchor or Rafael Chirbes if it weren’t for me. How am I less Hispanic than somebody born to Mexican parents in Chicago and who comes to me to learn to speak Spanish and find out something about Mexico?

Alternatively, I could easily claim to be from Russia and nobody would even care because nobody has thought of imbuing the distinction between Russian and Ukrainan with some weird racial hangups.

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