More About Warnock

Turns out Warnock is not only a wife beater but a child abuser. I have no idea why the Georgia Democrats couldn’t find a less unsavory character but the censorship is so strong that they are very likely to push this truly disgusting fellow into the US Senate.

3 thoughts on “More About Warnock”

  1. Consider that there are a great quantity of Democrats, many of whom are neither corrupt nor stupid, and a significant fraction of which could serve creditably as a U.S. President — yet the Democrats chose, as their Presidential candidate this year, a man who is not only a massive recipient of Chinese bribes^H^H^H investments, but also flamingly senile.

    At some point, you have to stop assuming that these choices are some sort of accident or error, and start assuming that picking horrible candidates is the point. Because I’ve come to believe that it is.

    It isn’t just that the Democrats want to ruin what’s left of America. It’s that they deliberately, consciously want to pick garbage candidates and force them in through media censorship followed by election fraud. They want to rub our noses in our own national disgrace, by making it clear that they can pick any reprobate they want and jam that reprobate into a top government job. Think of the Roman emperor who had his horse Incitatus made a consul; do you think that emperor did it out of respect for the consulship, or for the Roman people? Not on your life.

    Of course, the reprobates won’t themselves be deciding anything. They’ll be doing what they’re told. That’s also part of the point. Strong human beings, even if they were villains, might have some degree of personal autonomy once they were installed as President or Senator. Weaklings will be docile; they can be reliably led.


    1. “They want to rub our noses in our own national disgrace”

      The worse the candidate they push through the worse they think of voters – they’re convincing themselves that voters are fools who deserve to be robbed blind.
      It’s a political death spiral and it’ll just get uglier and uglier.

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