Time for Change

One of the changes I made as Chair is that our department now gives a Thanksgiving and Christmas present not only to the administrative personnel but also to the janitor. It always bugged me that nobody does anything for the janitor, like he isn’t even there.

It becomes clear how important the janitors’ work is when you realize that unless they show up in person, their work doesn’t get done.

9 thoughts on “Time for Change”

      1. Our janitor seems totally bored. There are only a handful of people in the building each day, but he has to wipe down the elevator buttons and all of the bathroom doors several times each day no matter how many people have used them.

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  1. When I was growing up, it was totally normal for us, and a lot of our neighbors, to bake a tin of cookies or leave $5 in a Christmas card, for the postman and the guys on the trash truck. Congrats on getting this done for the janitors! They are some of the most important people in the building!

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  2. I am administrative personnel and believe me, we remember who remembers us at the holidays. I had my boss start gifting the mail room staff and security folks at my place of employment and it was very well received. Of course, Covid screwed that up this year.


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