Dangerous Meritocracy

It’s really quite shocking how familiar all this sounds:

“At the Beijing Third Girls Middle School, the principal was beaten to death. The dean hanged herself. At another middle school near Beijing Normal University the principal was ordered to stand under the hot sun while Red Guards poured boiling water over him. New depths of horror were plumbed at another middle school, this one attached to the Beijing Teachers’ College, as a biology teacher was knocked to the ground, beaten and dragged by her legs through the front door and down the steps, her head bumping against the concrete. She died after being further tormented for several hours. Then the other teachers, rounded up as so many monsters and demons, were forced to take turns and beat her dead body. At elementary schools, where the students were no older than thirteen, some teachers were made to swallow nails and excrement, others had their heads shaved and were forced to slap each other.22 The Red Guards also turned against some of their schoolmates. For years they had harboured deep resentment of students from bad family backgrounds who often performed well, having to rely on their marks rather than their status to succeed. Only two years earlier the Chairman had voiced his opposition to an education system he viewed as dangerously meritocratic, demanding that admission of children from ‘exploiting families’ be limited. The Red Guards now craved a system of permanent discrimination. They were born red, their enemies were born black. Students from bad class backgrounds were locked up, forced to carry out heavy labour on campus, humiliated and sometimes tortured to death. Students from families that were neither ‘red’ nor ‘black’, for instance the children of clerks, office workers, technicians and engineers, were allowed to assist the Red Guards.”

5 thoughts on “Dangerous Meritocracy”

  1. Reminds of one post with statistics (forgot where it was) showing that SJ slogans would help WASP students the most despite using African-American students as a cover. And, of course, the proposed SJ reforms would hurt Asian students most of all.


    1. Leftists have created a trap for themselves by declaring that differences in outcomes among groups can only be a result of some injustice or oppression. It’s obviously untrue but they are now doomed to keep looking for that injustice vainly and obsessively.

      One would hope that a theory that’s been proven to be so flawed would finally get ditched but that isn’t happening.


      1. “It’s obviously untrue but they are now doomed to keep looking for that injustice vainly and obsessively.”

        Unless they’re losers forever who would benefit from blaming ‘injustice’ forever.


  2. This post terrifies me. Boiling water? Swallowing nails? I am maybe a little slow. Who are you comparing the Red Guard to in America? The government or Soros goons and SJW’s? Or someone else?


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