Madame Mao and the BLM

From Frank Dikötter’s book on The Cultural Revolution:

Already on 28 July, Madame Mao had appeared at Peking University, telling the crowd that ‘we do not advocate beating people, but what’s so special about beating people anyway!’ She offered a further insight: ‘When bad people get beaten by good people, they deserve it.”

It sounds like she was writing a script for the BLM.

And it’s fascinating how the students at the most prestigious schools engaged in the worst acts of terror:

In the following days, a wave of terror spread through the schools of Beijing. At Beijing’s 101st Middle School, a prestigious institution where Mao and other central leaders sent their children, more than ten teachers were forced to crawl on a path paved with coal cinders until their knees and palms were burned. At the Beijing Sixth Middle School, across the street from Zhongnanhai, Red Guards wrote ‘Long Live the Red Terror’ on the wall of an interrogation chamber. Later they repainted the slogan with the blood of their victims.

Yes, the brats at Dalton and Bryn Mawr have abstained from drawing blood so far. Other than that, there’s not much difference. The BLM murdered people, and it’s not like anybody cares.

3 thoughts on “Madame Mao and the BLM”

  1. “writing a script for the BLM”

    I had thought that the… undeniable similarities between the Cultural Revolution and the Woke movement was a case of parallel evolution – but now I’m wondering if there were/are people are actually following a plan to recreate the CR (in typical university lamebrain fashion thinking they would get it right this time and it totally won’t blow up in their faces…. ).

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