One More Quote

I swear to God, I’m not changing these quotes in any way:

Bands of Red Guards began roving through the streets of Beijing, attacking anything that smacked of the old order. They changed street names, plastering new revolutionary terms over the old signs. Shops providing services, for instance tailors and barbers, came under attack, as their owners were humiliated, sometimes beaten and forced to close down. . . The result was a nationwide explosion from 23 to 26 August of Red Guard violence towards anything that smacked of the past. . . The biggest target was an ancient archway that symbolised feudal oppression. Thick ropes were attached around the top, the foundations were prized loose with crowbars and the structure was pulled down, reduced to a pile of broken stones.


So similar.

3 thoughts on “One More Quote”

  1. This one is extremely scary. The question is whether we can do anything at this point when half the country has entirely swallowed the propaganda and is putting up BLM signs on their lawns.

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    1. Even more than the riots, the BLM lawn signs are terrifying. The crazy-high level of mask compliance in my state where it’s not required is terrifying. I think what those actions say to the people doing them is: “I’m a good person”. But… what they mean is “When the stoning starts, I’ll be throwing rocks like everyone else.” A lifelong social outcast, I’m keenly aware of the danger.

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