Admiring Dictatorships

Among US conservatives, there is an equivalent to the Left’s eagerness to whitewash cannibalistic regimes of the USSR, today’s Venezuela and Mao’s China. And it’s just as obnoxious.

Like armchair Marxists get together to chirp idiotically about the wonders of Cuba and the USSR, conservatives prattle stupidly about the amazingness of Franco, Pinochet, Lukashenko, and Putin.

Both groups are equally contemptible. And they share a lot more than either wants to confess. Both wish for a brutal dictator who will ram their recipe for happiness down everybody’s throat.

10 thoughts on “Admiring Dictatorships”

    1. “Where are conservatives doing this”

      Find a rightwing dictator…. look for US support…. look at American supporters of Putin (hint: they’re not left/progressive/liberals but paleo-conservative types)

      My own father was an admirer of Somoza… (at least vis a vis the Sandinistas…)

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    2. “I’ve never seen this. Where are conservatives doing this?”

      Everywhere. In the end, both left and right are nearly the same. As a general rule, both want special treatment for themselves over everywhere else, with the main difference being that those on the left tend to just want a job, while those on the right tend to want a business.

      So when socialists give a bunch of union workers pay rates that practically bankrupt their employer/general contractor, or tax businesses terribly to fund “social programs” that benefit the lazy/irresponsible, many on the left cheer. Conversely, when conservatives strip away worker protection or give abusive tax breaks to businesses that move the burden of paying for infrastructure to the poor, those on the right cheer.

      Something else that both groups share is that they seem to strongly dislike anyone who suggests that they should rely on government less and be more responsible for themselves. During this pandemic, for example, it isn’t like either group had savings to spare or a fabulously stocked larder. Both groups, as a rule, looked to government to solve problems that no responsible person would have allowed to happen in the first place, since in essence, both groups are full of statists.


      1. Interesting. I guess I am neither then. My understanding of what conservatism is does not
        line up with these descriptions. I think it’s important to note that businesses don’t tend to have savings because of how savings are taxed.

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        1. “My understanding of what conservatism is does not line up with these descriptions.”

          The word “conservative” has more than one meaning in politics. For a long time, it meant exactly what it sounds like – politically reserved, cautious, sensible, frugal, generally in favour of strong institutions like the church, small government etc.

          A few years ago though, people started talking about the “new conservatives”, who are supposed to be a conservative version of right wing politics/politician.

          Since Clarissa began her post by talking about the “Left”, and mentioned people like Pinochet and Lukashenko who were right wing dictators, I took her use of the word “conservative” as meaning right wing.


    3. I wrote the post after seeing a bunch of seemingly normal people slobber all over some stupid ball that Lukashenko organized. This is a guy who has young girls raped with brooms for participating in a peaceful protest.

      The day before there was some guy who told me how much he admired Putin’s economic policy.

      And earlier there was a whole Twitter thread about the wonderfulness of the Franco dictatorship. It looks like some people need to believe in a good dictator. It’s sad.


      1. “This is a guy who has young girls raped with brooms for participating in a peaceful protest.”

        I know several leftist politicians who do not shy away from the use of rape as a political tool.

        Also, in my experience, even some quite sophisticated people are woefully ignorant about politics despite talking about politics a lot.


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