The Great Reset Goes Mainstream

Time is openly shilling for the Great Reset and has published an article by Klaus Schwab. There is a lot of empty verbiage but if you know what it’s all about, there are some very obvious tells. Here’s one. When COVID hit, Schwab says, some great things started to happen. One of them is “strong cooperation between governments and business.” The idea is that the only job of a government should be smoothing the way for enormous multinational corporations. Why? Because these corporations are uniquely virtuous and moral:

Looking forward, such virtuous instincts can become a feature of our economic systems rather than a rare exception. Rather than chasing short-term profits or narrow self-interest, companies could pursue the well-being of all people and the entire planet.

It’s a circular argument where whatever Apple does is right because it’s for the benefit of “all people” and we know it’s for our benefit because Apple does it.

It’s not enough for companies to pursue profits. Now they have to govern. Schwab is completely open about that when he says that large enterprises will now “more explicitly pursue environmental, social and governance goals.” The reason why they should do so is that without their interference in governing us, the world ends up being unfair.

A word that appears with disturbing regularity in Schwab’s writings is “virtue.” The system he advocates for doesn’t need any justification because it’s morally superior. If you don’t see it, that’s because you are not virtuous enough.

Here’s a pretty typical phrase from the article:

Building such a virtuous economic system is not a utopian ideal. Most people, including business leaders, investors and community leaders, have a similar attitude about their role in the world and the lives of others. Most people want to do good, and believe that doing so will ultimately benefit everyone, including a company’s shareholders. But what’s been missing in recent decades is a clear compass to guide those in leading positions in our society and economy.

The compass will, of course, be provided by Schwab and his friends. And you can’t criticize them because they aren’t guided by the lowly profit motive any more. No, now they are guided by virtue. And if you oppose them, the only reason is that you aren’t virtuous enough.

It’s not surprising that leftists are loving Schwab. He’s co-opting their rhetoric, and they are powerless against these proclamations about virtue and caring about others.

Schwab pretends that the system he advocates for is the opposite of neoliberalism:

For the past 30 to 50 years, the neoliberalist ideology has increasingly prevailed in large parts of the world. This approach centers on the notion that the market knows best, that the “business of business is business,” and that government should refrain from setting clear

rules for the functioning of markets.

This is, of course, a trap aimed at silly AOC types. The virtuous control of the political space during the pandemic lockdowns brought unparalleled profits to Walmart, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. Business is still very much business and government is its abject slave that sets tons of rules which mysteriously only benefit the really virtuous businesses Schwab likes.

But how do we know that Facebook is more virtuous than a mom-and-pop store down the road? (Seriously, read the article. The word “virtuous” is all over the short text.) And how do we know it’s a good thing that the mom-and-pop gets destroyed to benefit Walmart? That’s easy! Greta Thunberg, #MeToo and BLM can testify to that. And yes, he mentions them by name.

Here’s Schwab’s plan:

Large businesses post their virtue scores. And then the government destroys the smallish businesses that don’t have the capacity to improve their score. How is a virtue ranking created? Schwab has the answer all figured out:

The Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics: nonfinancial metrics and disclosures that will be added (on a voluntary basis) to companies’ annual reporting in the next two to three years, making it possible to measure their progress over time.

Doing so requires answering questions such as: What is the gender pay gap in company X? How many people of diverse backgrounds were hired and promoted? What progress has the company made toward reducing its greenhouse-gas emissions? How much did the company pay in taxes globally and per jurisdiction? And what did the company do to hire and train employees?

Of course, it’s all completely voluntary. Feel free not to do it and the BLM goons will come to burn your business to the ground while the government bans you from reopening because you are “unsafe for women and minorities,” or whatever. Fake “existential threats” are easy to invent.

The article ends in a mysterious way:

Of course, we remain far from our goal of achieving a better global economic system for all. The Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics are just one of many initiatives that are needed to get to such an outcome—and time is quickly running out.

There’s no explanation as to why “time is running out” but creating a false sense of urgency is a great way to get people to do your bidding.

Schwab has been announcing all this for years. Then it all started coming true. Maybe we should finally start listening.

P.S. In the New Year, I promise to write a lot more about this kind of thing. We often get bogged down in debating the minutia of the scam perpetrated against us and forget to look at the big picture.

8 thoughts on “The Great Reset Goes Mainstream”

  1. What do you mean now they will govern? The world’s first multinational corporation was the Dutch East India Company which governed loads of territories in Asia and South Africa in the 17th and 18th centuries. Its rival the Dutch West India Company founded New Amsterdam, later renamed New York.

    The British East India Company operated in a similar way in India until it was nationalized in the 19th century, and its territories were administered directly by the British crown.


    1. \ The world’s first multinational corporation was the Dutch East India Company which governed loads of territories in Asia and South Africa in the 17th and 18th centuries.

      Just read a good post on the same topic in Russian lj:

      ” Мировая система уже проходила через подобные периоды, и ведущим актором процессов управления были корпоративные субъекты. Ту же Британскую империю создала Ост-Индская компания, которую сложно назвать чисто корпоративной структурой — по сути, она была неким «частно-государственным партнерством» в условиях крайне слабого (по сравнению с ней) государства. И мы прямо сейчас видим, что ключевые идеологи глобализма (в частности, небезызвестный Клаус Шваб) активно возвращаются к этой идее, как единственной, способной разрешить сложившееся несбалансированное противоречие, а с ним — и текущий мировой кризис.

      Проблема в том, что альтернативной идеи и проекта нет, а потому глобалисты действуют фактически на чистом пространстве. Поэтому вероятность победы их проекта крайне высока. «Изоляционисты», которые формально противостоят им, исповедуют оборонительную идею «оставить все как есть», что по сути неверно и нежизнеспособно.

      В свете продвижения глобального проекта, в котором национальные государства как субъекты мировой политики уступят свое место корпоративным и наднациональным структурам, есть только два возможных пути его реализации. Первый путь — государства станут придатком корпораций либо оставят за собой некоторый функционал текущего управления: безопасность, социальные программы. Второй путь — государство само превратится в корпорацию, оставив государственным структурам управления в основном ритуальные функции.

      Запад очевидно идет по первому пути. Страны Третьего мира (Россия в том числе) — по второму. Правящие режимы в откровенно криминальных или фашистских государствах вроде Венесуэлы, Ирана, России уже почти неотличимы от корпоративных структур. ”


  2. Very important blog post! This helped my thought processes tremendously. And I’m going to add another layer since I work for a competitor to Schwab in the financial industry.

    Harvard Business Review and other members of the intelligentsia have been prodding corporations to elicit better productivity from workers by revamping their business models to be structured as “purpose driven” organizations. (Employees will work harder if they are working for a “higher purpose!”) Of course company leaders determine what that “higher purpose” is. This trickles down to all the employees and even to the clients.

    Also, the politics of diversity are so deeply entrenched at my company that I have been passed over numerous times for promotions because I am not a “diverse”. This feels very discriminatory to me personally. Still, the hiring leaders are under tremendous pressure to increase diversity for the corporation. (Now I know why!) Candidly, some positions go unfilled for years rather than fill it with a cis-gendered male/female and have to provide an explanation to a superior. Worse, when leaders do find a “diverse” hire, that person usually works for the company for a year or two and then goes to a competitor because these big corporations are competing for the “best talent”. I would go so far as to suggest they think the “best hires” are diverse. I am loyal and have been there over a decade but I have given up on trying to climb the corporate ladder. Which is a much more peaceful existence anyway, but I digress.

    I write all of that to personally illustrate how grievous these policies are to middle/working class families like my own.

    Also, don’t discount how Hollywood is contributing to this. I don’t watch television or movies much but yesterday I wasn’t feeling well so I watched “Arrival” with Amy Adams. Arrival is about aliens but if you substitute the Aliens with “covid” you basically have our current world situation. The plot of the movie hinges on collaboration with China and other world leaders. Thank goodness Amy Adams character stops China from nuking the aliens so all the world powers can work together to save humanity! Maybe I’m overanalyzing that but there is a persistent drumbeat for a one world government that is coming at us from all angles of society. Hollywood and the mainstream media seem to be the mouthpiece and brainwashing mechanisms who are always striving to accomplish this “great reset/one-world-order” agenda. I have been writing on my blog for years about how addictive and persuasive media is (because I was an addict). But people prefer Hollywood movies and Netflix (binge-watching) and McDonald’s fries and “free government handouts”. In the past month I have had conversations with people who are dead broke but don’t want to work. They say, “I don’t want the hassle. The government should take money from the rich and give it to me.” When I dared argue, “to work is a great privelege” they looked at me like I’m the stupid person.

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  3. OT (maybe…….):
    FYI (I haven’t run down the original air dates)

    But…. predictive programming much? A designer named Kovid on Project Runway has a model (Nora…. rona?) wear a surgical mask… in January 2019?
    Comments from the ‘judges’ appear to include “we want to keep u alive”and “would you mind putting your mask back on?” and “sick in a good way”….

    Isn’t that a completely normal coincidence?


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