Non-COVID Research of the Day

What determines intelligence in adolescents? Do the family’s social status, income or parental education have an effect?

No, not really.

Conclusion: “Claims that class background and family income are of central importance for adolescent outcomes are not supported.” You can’t buy brains. You can only inherit them.

Everybody everywhere on the planet knows this but in the US it’s hugely controversial.

A Physical Woman

I’m reading the second part of Lidia Falcón’s autobiography, and I’m stunned at how often women hate having the female body. And also how often they used to mistake this clearly neurotic dislike for feminism. (Today they don’t do that, and instead, take puberty blockers and chop off their breasts.)

Falcón hated menstruation, pregnancy, and childbirth. Not for any ideological reasons – she wanted children and was excited to have them – but because of the physical discomfort. It’s normal to dislike pain, of course. But have you ever met somebody who suffers from, say, kidney stones and that causes him to curse his humanity and wish he were a butterfly because butterflies don’t have kidney stones? Wouldn’t that be pathological?

My pregnancies and childbirth cost me enormously more than what Falcón’s healthy young pregnancies cost her. Of course, I wish I never had gestational diabetes and PUPPS. But they never caused me to wish I were a man. It’s normal to want not to have PMS. But it’s not normal to react to painful PMS with an obsessive desire to be a man. Right? Or is there something I’m not getting here?

It’s an excellent book, by the way, in spite of the long passages on how horrible the physical aspect of femininity is.

The Real Victims

Rich people’s neurosis is killing children in the third world but nobody cares because it’s profitable and convenient.

I saw a snippet of MSNBC coverage where some rich, smug fucktard announced that many of the people who traveled for Christmas will be dead by the end of January. I don’t hate him because he’s trying to make a a quick buck with this grift. But I do have deeply negative feelings towards the people who don’t switch the TV off after hearing something like this. Being brainwashed is a choice, and this choice I can’t respect.

Canadian Police State

Remember how I told you about Canadian snitching initiatives? Here’s an article with a video demonstrating what Canada’s police state looks like. Somebody snitched on a neighbor having a few people over for New Year’s, and the goons descended.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune to need the police in Quebec to investigate an actual crime, you’d know that this is the most lackadaisical, indifferent police force ever. They always used to look sleepy. Now all of a sudden they are wide awake and very aggressive.

Brain Balance

Margaret Thatcher loved doing housework. I totally get it. Very cerebral people love housework. I once had it explained to me by a psychologist. It helps bring different parts of the brain into balance, producing a sense of great emotional well-being.

I spent the whole day yesterday alternating between working on my book, doing laundry, folding, and cleaning up. There was an ongoing playdate in the house while I was doing it, so I never ran out of stuff to pick up. My brain felt really well as a result.

Zoom School Continues

TikTok promotes an app that allows you to FaceTime with complete strangers. It’s geared towards 11-13-year-old kids who are exhausted by lockdowns, lonely, and sad. It’s the perfect place for pedophiles and child traffickers to prey on kids.

In the meantime, a teachers’ union leader in Chicago is encouraging teachers not to go to work “to save lives” as she lounges at a pool on a beach vacation.

Can anybody explain why the unions have been particularly rabid about forcing everybody into Zoom school? Our union leader personally accused me of trying to murder people by teaching in the classroom.

Series Talk

N and I finished the last available episodes of Blacklist and started casting about for a new series to watch. We tried Schitt’s Creek but the first twenty minutes made it clear it’s not our thing.

We need something like Blacklist and Better Call Saul – dark, tortured, heavily reliant on acting. Not fantasy, not sci-fi, not vampires.

Blacklist and Better Call Saul are the favorite series of my whole life. And I watch a lot of series.

The ones N loved and I tolerated for his sake were Breaking Bad, Casa de papel, and Making a Murderer. And Бандитский Петербург, which I watched – and this is no lie – 4 times start to finish because N was obsessed with it. He also likes The Ozarks but I feel meh about it.