Brain Balance

Margaret Thatcher loved doing housework. I totally get it. Very cerebral people love housework. I once had it explained to me by a psychologist. It helps bring different parts of the brain into balance, producing a sense of great emotional well-being.

I spent the whole day yesterday alternating between working on my book, doing laundry, folding, and cleaning up. There was an ongoing playdate in the house while I was doing it, so I never ran out of stuff to pick up. My brain felt really well as a result.

6 thoughts on “Brain Balance”

  1. It is true! Today is a good day: I cleaned up holiday detritus, washed dishes, used spray foam to plug the holes from our recent plumbing adventures, and repaired some books! Feels good 🙂

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  2. I hate housework since it takes away from my reading, plus my mom complains I don’t clean the way she likes so I do clean when she’s not around. Plus my brother refuses to clean anything and she lets him, his room needs Hercules to clean it since it resembles the Augean Stables

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