Canadian Police State

Remember how I told you about Canadian snitching initiatives? Here’s an article with a video demonstrating what Canada’s police state looks like. Somebody snitched on a neighbor having a few people over for New Year’s, and the goons descended.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune to need the police in Quebec to investigate an actual crime, you’d know that this is the most lackadaisical, indifferent police force ever. They always used to look sleepy. Now all of a sudden they are wide awake and very aggressive.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Police State”

  1. Without speaking of whether they should have been there at all, or whether this 6 person gathering thing is correct etc so as to speak only of the police themselves, based on my experience & compared to what I have seen in different jurisdictions, they don’t look very aggressive at all.


  2. “Even the best laws are rendered moot if either selectively enforced or enforced unconditionally”.
    It’s always amazed me the way the police always respond to “definite maybes/facsimiles” of “potential crimes” but more than often when the real thing happens they’re either “nowhere to be found” or “take forever to respond”
    …and how much priority social dogma-based mala prohibitas have over even the “common” type laws (stealing; murder, and such).
    It’s like: You can get locked up for “offending the wrong person”, yet there are still neighborhoods you don’t dare walk around in—in what’s supposed to be a “free society”, where one should have the right to go and be anywhere they want and not be with impunity—because these same authorities STILL can’t seem to make a dent in gangs and violent crime, even as they have time to persecute the homeless, social misfits, and such.


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