We Are Being Had

He was seriously ill, just like the overwhelming majority of the 88-year-olds who died with COVID but we aren’t supposed to notice that.

It’s not surprising that neither Pfizer nor Moderna bothered to test “the vaccine” on ill people over the age of 80.

2 thoughts on “We Are Being Had”

  1. They also never tested it on people who have long-term complications. And pregnant women, breastfeeding women, young children, and people with autoimmune issues.

    And yet these people are still being told to get the vaccine (except the kids). Unfortunately, long-term complications can be autoimmune, so the vaccine is a crapshoot. Either it “resets the immune system,” as one doctor hopes it would, making things better, or it results in an increased autoimmune response as the body goes back into overload, thereby making things worse.

    I’ve been telling my coworkers I want to wait until I speak to my pulmonologist and have my pulmonary function testing and echocardiogram and whatnot. I get blank stares from some people, because they don’t understand that “this vaccine is safe” does not apply to all populations because those populations were specifically excluded from trials.


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