Zoom School Continues

TikTok promotes an app that allows you to FaceTime with complete strangers. It’s geared towards 11-13-year-old kids who are exhausted by lockdowns, lonely, and sad. It’s the perfect place for pedophiles and child traffickers to prey on kids.

In the meantime, a teachers’ union leader in Chicago is encouraging teachers not to go to work “to save lives” as she lounges at a pool on a beach vacation.

Can anybody explain why the unions have been particularly rabid about forcing everybody into Zoom school? Our union leader personally accused me of trying to murder people by teaching in the classroom.

7 thoughts on “Zoom School Continues”

  1. Unions are part of the cult. Unfortunately it is a national cult. They believe in actions that sound good, but refuse to admit evidence that shows the actions are ineffective….


  2. Good Lord, I’m so glad I’m too old for Tik Tok. This is a godsend to pedos and traffickers since it’ll be so easy to talk with bored kids, when I did a few substitute gigs the kids were so eager to talk with each other and be around other kids.


    1. “This is a godsend to pedos and traffickers ”

      Isn’t it odd how many parts of the modern world facilitate pedophiles and human traffickers? It’s almost as if it weren’t a big pile of crazy coincidences….


  3. My aunt is a teacher in Fresno and she posted this article on FB. https://wgntv.com/news/wgn-investigates/ctu-board-member-facing-criticism-for-vacationing-in-caribbean-while-pushing-remote-learning/?fbclid=IwAR1nHStjLr7XNfWbqsMCFN9sdrw__e0QAd72AWoOB5OwfJMoA1tKdwF9lfM

    I agree with other commenters that unions are corrupt. My father was abused by an airline union for much of his career. They were happy to take dues but did not represent the people. These unions have strayed far from what they were originally formed to do. Money and power corrupt leaders. And the unions have a lot of power. They are also in cahoots with Democratic leaders, though I think Republicans are corrupt too.

    I think we vastly underestimate the web of corruption in every facet of American society. To the point about pedophiles and trafficking–it wouldn’t be so large an enterprise if there weren’t so many consumers of it. And how do we stop that?

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    1. My mother was a teacher for forty years. One of the things she hated most was having to belong to the teachers’ union. The union had weaseled its way in so that the school board did not have to provide health insurance. The only way you could get it was to belong to the union. Meanwhile, she did everything she could to keep us out of the public schools (because she taught at them!), sometimes private schooling, sometimes homeschool, only to have the union always working to pass laws restricting private- and home-schooling, always endorsing curricula changes she found horrible, and yet, because she belonged to the Union, they could count her as one of their number when they said “We endorse this ridiculous thing” and “Teachers don’t want anyone to homeschool”.

      It was a nasty bind.

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      1. While there are plenty of issues with the public school system, there are good teachers within the system. We have been priveleged to have some really good ones and conversely, we have suffered under bad ones. I was never able to afford private school. I admit, if they force the vaccine to stay in school, we will be homeschooling. And I don’t say that lightly.


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