Tomorrow I’m going to get tested for COVID against my will. I’m completely healthy and it’s all stupid theater anyway. If I test negative, how do we know I don’t pick it up on my way from the testing facility? Or the next day? The PCR test is ridiculously unreliable, and even the guy who invented it is horrified that the test is used diagnostically.

None of this makes sense if you think it has anything to do with preventing anybody from getting sick.

But it does if you understand that this is biopolitics. Some outside authority decides if you are entitled to participate in society based on some obscure physiological metric that hides inside your body and that you can neither perceive nor measure. You have no control over the process and your input isn’t solicited. It’s all decided completely outside of your knowledge, understanding, or control. The label of a “good, acceptable, essential body” is as seemingly random as the label of a “bad, unneeded, unacceptable body.”

As Zygmunt Bauman said 15 years ago, the real power is the power to assign the role of superfluous, unnecessary human beings.

Youthful Marriage

I’m still reading Lidia Falcón’s autobiography, and she’s telling about the very typical collapse of her first marriage at the age of twenty. This part of the book really speaks to me because I experienced the same thing.

And here’s the problem. It’s enormously easier to give birth at 20 than at 35 or 40. But you can’t be good at marriage at 20. You definitely can’t be anything as good at it as you can be at 35 or 40. The things that look insurmountable at twenty become child’s play later in life.

Falcón says that it’s best to have kids at 18-20 because you don’t have to interrupt your career for them. There’s nothing to interrupt at that age. And it’s true but then her marriage fell apart over some silly stuff three years in. So the kids were screwed from the get-go.

Cases, Contacts, and Carriers

New York is trying to pass a bill that allows for forcible removal by police of people who represent a public health danger. Who is labeled a public health danger is, of course, up to the authorities. The bill tellingly refers to human beings as “cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases.” We have consented to be turned into cases, contacts and carriers because we are short-sighted neurotic fools.

We have allowed something really bad to be unleashed on us over a cold. Imagine what it will take to undo all this. And for what? Who’s been saved by this madness? New York genocided half of its LTR patients and nobody cares.