Cases, Contacts, and Carriers

New York is trying to pass a bill that allows for forcible removal by police of people who represent a public health danger. Who is labeled a public health danger is, of course, up to the authorities. The bill tellingly refers to human beings as “cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases.” We have consented to be turned into cases, contacts and carriers because we are short-sighted neurotic fools.

We have allowed something really bad to be unleashed on us over a cold. Imagine what it will take to undo all this. And for what? Who’s been saved by this madness? New York genocided half of its LTR patients and nobody cares.

4 thoughts on “Cases, Contacts, and Carriers”

  1. That’s weird. I thought they already had those laws, which supposedly stem back to when Typhoid Mary was detained because she wouldn’t follow sanitary guidelines they gave her.


  2. You also notice, in the name of “social distancing”, all the drive-thru COVID testing sites and food pantries.
    Is an increase in vehicle exhaust pollution some “ideal compromise” alternative to “spreading” a potentially dangerous virus? Which is the lesser of the two evils?
    Greta Thunberg, where are YOU on this one?


    1. Good point.

      And hey, the only places to eat are fast food drive-throughs. Which cause obesity. Which is the aggravating aspect for COVID.

      Then several major women’s magazines come out extolling morbid obesity as healthy. Right at the time when COVID disproportionately affects the obese people.

      A coincidence? Really?


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