Class Divide

A study in Germany analyzed the effects of masks on 25,000 kids and shows a lot of very negative health consequences.

What many people don’t know is that private schools have found inventive ways to obviate mask mandates. This resulted in zero outbreaks and lots of happy kids. I’m keeping a running list of these inventive methods.

As always, if you can’t pay, you are screwed.

8 thoughts on “Class Divide”

  1. Clarissa, could you provide a link to the study for interested readers? This would be greatly appreciated, even if it’s behind a paywall and/or in German.

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        1. Today was the first day of our home-schooling project, as we decided to take our (Grade 1) boy out of the local (Ontario) school system because of COVID hysteria from the teachers and union. Although a panel of pediatric epidemiologists from the world renowned Toronto Sick Kids recommended that children under ten should not wear masks (a reco even WHO largely agrees with), our school board and the teacher’s union decided that they knew better. So they overran the government recommendations (based on the Sick Kids report) and mandated mask wearing for all grades, along with social distancing inside the classrooms, with the proviso that children would be given plenty of mask-free time outdoors. Of course, within a month, children were forced to wear masks in gym class, outdoors. Then when the bad weather hit–shocking, bad weather in Canada!–some teachers stopped letting kids go outside at recess on many days, which meant our son was wearing a mask for up to six hours a day. And when he would slip the mask off his nose to breathe properly, the other kids in the class couldn’t wait to narc on him. Now the board is doing “syncronous learning,” which involves sticking children five and up in front of a computer for six hours a day, but only for a week or two, we’re assured, just until the “numbers come down.”

          So we’re homeschooling until this madness ends, if it ever does. Our son was wetting his pants, complaining of headaches, and as far as we could tell, beginning to experience mild depression (he is normally one of the brightest, funniest kids I’ve ever seen). From talking to other parents, I know that many other children are experiencing similar reactions. The social distancing and mask wearing and general hysteria and online crap is implemented solely to assuage the infantile fears of the teachers and the school board members, who live in perpetual fear of litigation. After two weeks of vacation and one day of homeschooling, our son was his old self tonight, wanting to stay up to read another chapter of Charlotte’s Web, spoiling/tormenting our cats, playing hockey in the living room…

          We’re lucky in that my wife and I are university educated and can homeschool our boy (while I work my two part-time jobs), but our neighbourhood is largely made up of lower-middle-class and working-class and refugee/immigrant families. Their kids, who’ve already lost half a school year in 2020, are never going to catch up and NOBODY CARES. The educated middle class, who get to work at home for full pay and have time now to virtue signal on their social media apps, are loving it. No more commuting. No more forced exposure to the proles. The teachers can indulge their germaphobia and talk about “the science.” I never thought I would live to see such a mass display of suicidal stupidity.


          1. Man. That’s such a sad story. I’m glad you have the means to pull your kid out of this horrible situation. He’s so fortunate. But there are so many kids who are trapped in this insanity. And there’s no guarantee it’s going to end. It’s just getting worse from what I’m seeing.

            It’s so annoying that one pays all these taxes and can’t even put one’s kid in school.

            Kudos to you for standing up for your boy! I wish more people could do the same.


            1. And thanks to you again for having a forum for us all and for saying what so many of us feel afraid to say in public.

              I don’t know how long we’ll homeschool–depends on our financial situation. We were already horrified by the low standards of the Ontario school system and the WOKE nonsense leeching into the curriculum, but the COVID “crisis” really opened our eyes to the insanity of these people and their supporters. My wife and I, who even a few years ago would have considered ourselves grudging left-liberals now find ourselves without a tribe, so to speak, but we figure it’s better to have your eyes open.

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