Latin American Dictatorships

I’m bored here in the COVID line, so here’s what I’ll cover in my course on Latin American dictatorships:


The civil war in El Salvador

Bordaberry in Uruguay

The Somoza regime

The Batista dictatorship and Fidel Castro

Trujillo in the DR

Noriega in Panama

Chavez-Maduro in Venezuela.

I’m not doing the Porfiriato and Dr Francia in Paraguay because I covered them in a preceding course. No Argentina because we have a specialist in the Dirty War, and I see no point in doing the stuff she does better in her own courses. No Guatemala because I covered it extensively in another course.

We will be reading Ariel Dorfman, Castellanos Moya and Sainz Borgo. Textbook services are refusing to purchase anything not published in the US, which is always a problem in our courses.

Am I missing anything crucial?

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