Vaccination Fail

The reason why Israel is doing so much better with vaccinating people is that it’s a small country with an extremely uniform and developed propaganda machine. People have been freaked out into utter incoherence with COVID lies so they run towards the vaccine.

In the US there are too many people who have kept their wits about them and have zero interest in the vaccine. Fake shortages need to be manufactured to interest people in it. The desperation of vaccine-pushers is really great. They’ve used their favorite method of stoking racial hatred to get people to fight over the vaccine, and still even the people who work closely with the high-risk group for COVID are refusing it.

This demonstrates how crucial it is to have enough people who stand outside the propaganda stream.

5 thoughts on “Vaccination Fail”

  1. “Nursing Homes Grapple With Staff Hesitant to Get the Covid-19 Vaccine
    Nearly 72% of certified nursing assistants say they don’t want to be vaccinated, a recent survey found”

    Do you view this as a good thing?

    If we both agree that the virus is very dangerous for old people in nursing homes than it makes sense to let only vaccinated nursing assistants continue working there.

    Is somebody’s desire not to get vaccinated more important than lives of numerous vulnerable people one chose to work with? Why? Does a doctor operating on patients also has an inherent right not to wash hands AND continue to be let into the operating room?


    1. It kind of makes more sense to vaccinate the actual elderly, then, right? But you know why nobody is in any hurry to vaccinate them? Because they will die within a few weeks and spoil the vaccine effectiveness stats.

      I’m not claiming they’ll die because of the vaccine. They will die because they are end-of-life patients. 90-year-olds tend to die. It’s very sad but it’s a fact.


      1. Plus vaccinating the old people is like killing the chicken that lies golden eggs for meat. Once vaccinated, the older people can’t die of COVID in masses to bring the number of deaths to whatever is the end goal. Once the curve flattens, the circus is over and that doesn’t seem to be what the people in charge want.

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  2. I will never understand the “herd immunity” rationale that is given for getting a vaccine. If the vaccine is effective, people who get it should be safe. Why do people insist those who don’t want it get it because it makes others unsafe? If I want to risk death by Covid-19 by refusing the vaccine, why do I not have the freedom to do so? I remember my mom talking about a friend who refused to vaccinate her children and they all got measles. She said they were crazy. (this was decades ago) I don’t remember feeling threatened by this at all. After all, I was vaccinated against measles so I had nothing to worry about. Why is this logic resisted by the general public?


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