Old Fools

Of course, inventive vote counting aside, Republicans have done everything in their goddamn power to lose tonight. From a late-found fiscal responsibility that prevented a clean bill for $2,000 checks to utterly insane calls to boycott the election to punish Mitch Mcconnell for some imaginary transgression – it was all bad.

But hey, I subscribed to a bunch of cool feeds that post cute pics of animals and fishies, so I’m ready to sit it out.

Critical Impotence

As good as I am at analyzing books, I’m utterly impotent at analyzing movies. We did Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom at the book club today, and I sucked. . . bottom.

Everybody had great insights. I loved what people were saying. It all made sense. But I saw none of it while I watched. Nothing. I feel like I need a booklet to accompany any movie I see to explain what happened. If I had read the play that the movie is based on, I would have seen all of it. But once it’s on a screen, I go stupid.

I’m being visited by a terrible suspicion. Do some people feel as impotent with books as I do with movies? And that’s why they don’t like to read?


Culinary Discovery of 2020

My biggest culinary discovery of 2020 was Swad Coriander Chutney. That little bastard is a savior for so many recipes. Today, for instance, I was making a two-bean chili. But I have no chili. Or tomato paste. All I had was the two beans, some ground beef, and some rice. And some really good Mexican dried oregano. It was going to be a very bland chili. But I made a sofrito with the chutney and some garlic, fried up the ground beef in it, and it’s divine.

I put it in soups, casseroles, everything.

Controlled Demolition

Why did people come out to riot over George Floyd but aren’t rioting over their livelihoods being destroyed and their children being tortured in Zoom jail?

Because the digital oligarchy wanted them to riot over Floyd and made it a fashionable thing to do.

People are being manipulated into destroying the world we used to live in and installing an oligarchic authoritarian police state instead. We are doing it ourselves because we are being guided to do it.

In a generation, there will be secret societies of people who will try to keep their brains intact by avoiding the surveillance and manipulation media.

Then they will rise up and take back control.

The Spitting Fools Development

I finally managed to make the “Spitting Fools” story public. I’m like a dog with a bone when there’s something I don’t like. But here’s the question. There were 730 people at that testing site. As I now know, many of them complained to their friends. But why did nobody speak out? Why am I the only person – one in 730 – who made a public statement?

There’s no penalty attached to speaking out. To the contrary, I’m now a hero, and people have been reaching out to thank me all morning. The administration is taking measures, things are happening.

Imagine what it would be like if there were a penalty for taking a stand. Actually, don’t imagine because I experienced that many times and can share. It’s scary but it feels good. Especially when people start contacting you in secret and thanking you for giving them a voice.

But why is it always me? What is everybody else so afraid of?

And hey, before anybody says tenure or chairmanship, there are people who know me reading this and they’ll confirm that I was always like this.

I always used to say that people in safe, prosperous, comfortable countries are so easily cowed even in the best of times that it’s scary what will happen if they experience some hardship.

And now they’ve experienced some hardship.