Old Fools

Of course, inventive vote counting aside, Republicans have done everything in their goddamn power to lose tonight. From a late-found fiscal responsibility that prevented a clean bill for $2,000 checks to utterly insane calls to boycott the election to punish Mitch Mcconnell for some imaginary transgression – it was all bad.

But hey, I subscribed to a bunch of cool feeds that post cute pics of animals and fishies, so I’m ready to sit it out.

3 thoughts on “Old Fools”

  1. They also really demoralized their own base with all these allegations of fraud. Why vote if systemic fraud will invalidate your vote? A real nice own goal there.


  2. “Republicans have done everything in their goddamn power to lose tonight”

    Maybe intentionally so that out of power they can purge the non-neoliberal suck ups? When a party seems to be going out of its way to lose then…. it probably wants to lose.


    1. Republicans have been running towards a total elimination of their party for a long time. Trump saved them for a brief period and gave them a chance. But now I don’t see a future. Republicans have long supported mass migration when immigrants never vote for them. Now they’ve lost too many states to demographic change they themselves engineered.


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