Notice the Pattern

It’s clear to everybody but the numerically illiterate that Republicans lose everything when Trump isn’t on the ballot. Voters don’t want them.

When he’s on the ballot, the GOP picks up seats in Congress. When he isn’t, the GOP loses seats in Congress. An absolute idiot would notice the pattern.

Yet these undaunted clowns have convinced themselves that once they get rid of Trump, things will be just peachy. All of a sudden, happy crowds of voters will stream to the polls to vote for more tax cuts for the oligarchs, less healthcare for themselves, and the rest of the libertarian Santa wish list.

Totally serves them right. No pun intended.

11 thoughts on “Notice the Pattern”

  1. “numerically illiterate … Republicans”

    Maybe this is there whole problem. They can’t count and so they don’t have any idea how much money they actually have so they’re frantic to get more and more and more…

    And… more importantly they can’t make heads or tails of poll numbers and so have no idea of how many citizens support different policies….

    Just think of what they could do if they could count just a smidgen better than the democrats (who think putting a domestic and child abuser in office is a good thing)?


  2. “It’s clear to everybody but the numerically illiterate that Republicans lose everything when Trump isn’t on the ballot. Voters don’t want them.”

    This is factually incorrect. They lost the presidency with Trump on the ballot.

    Trump is great at rallying his base, but he’s also great at rallying Democrats and independents against him.


      1. This is great messaging if you want to depress Republican turn out.

        Everybody else has seen the courts turn down all these meritless allegations of systemic fraud and voted for the Democrats.

        Hope Republicans work on a better messaging for 2022, otherwise they’ll get crushed even worse.


        1. Oh no. I welcome China as the leader of the “free”/censorship-driven, human rights deprived world. No need to oppose, thank you very much. Liberals rejoice, China has them in its bag.

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    1. Gained seats in the House contrary to every prediction. Gained every minority group. And then lost those minority groups two months later in the Georgia runoffs.

      The number of Hispanics and blacks that voted for Perdue in November dropped off a cliff yesterday. Why? Because they came out for Trump and voted down ballot. Once Trump wasn’t on the ballot, they simply didn’t show up.

      Republicans kept celebrating that more minorities now vote for them but that’s not true. More minorities voted for Trump, period.

      As to what energizes the Democrats, back when I was a Democrat I only and always analyzed Dem mistakes and victories. But I no longer am one. My interest in Democrats and what rallies them evaporated.


      1. Democrats are lazy citizens, they don’t follow the news and they don’t vote unless they are riled up emotionally. They got all teary eyed for Obama, they foamed at their mouths for Trump. Their victories are build solely on emotional response. Hilary was too practical and she lost.

        Once the geriatric and the phony take the office, it’s going to get boring. The majority of the voters will lose interest. Republicans will take back the Senate and the House in 2022, provided our political system stays intact.

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      2. This is the pattern that I’m seeing:

        2017: Trump and Pence take office.

        2018: Republicans lose the House.

        2020: Republicans lose the presidency.

        2021: Republicans lose the Senate.

        I wouldn’t give Trump too much praise. He’s a charismatic leader and appealed a lot to the strong macho culture of Hispanic and some Black communities, that’s about it.


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