Take Your Pick

Political prognosis.

Republicans are gone. There’s not going to be a Republican party anymore. Stick a fork in them because they are so done.

The Democrats will split into two parties. One, let’s call it the AOC wing, will aggressively and proactively fellate the digital oligarchy in every possible way asking nothing in return but for complete censorship of all information channels.

The other, let’s call it the Obama wing, will aggressively and proactively fellate the digital oligarchy in every possible way asking nothing in return.

Please make your selection now.

14 thoughts on “Take Your Pick”

  1. Republicans are definitely done. Trump was the best thing to happen to them since Reagan, popularity-wise, and they squandered the opportunity.

    Democrats… now that they don’t have to be popular to win elections, not only are they going to fellate big tech and ask nothing in return, they’re going to throw the borders open, take the very first opportunity to get into a completely pointless military engagement overseas, and finish collapsing the currency (to be fair, that last would have happened no matter who was in power).

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  2. Republicans are gone. There’s not going to be a Republican party anymore. Stick a fork in them because they are so done…
    Nah. Check back in two years. It’s almost certain the Democrats will lose seats in the House. They still don’t have control of the Senate.
    And it’s not like the state legislatures have changed that much.

    Trump was the best thing to happen to them since Reagan, popularity-wise, and they squandered the opportunity.
    That’s not saying…much. Nobody was Reagan. Reagan was a popular two term president who won the popular vote both times and helped his vice president to win the White House right after him. Aspiring politicians from both major parties wanted to model themselves after his success.

    Trump can’t say that.


    1. Agreed. When you see what he actually accomplished for them, it’s very unimpressive:

      2017: Trump and Pence take office.

      2018: Republicans lose the House.

      2020: Republicans lose the presidency.

      2021: Republicans lose the Senate.

      This just shows how much he failed at uniting and expanding beyond his base. Other than his tax cuts, he also leaves nothing of substance to really talk about, and now it looks like he’s working hard on fracturing the Republican party.


      1. Eeeh… Have you been paying attention? The industrial Midwest was reborn (until COVID, of course). Taking a road trip in 2015 and in 2019 was a dramatically different experience.

        No new wars.

        Peace deals.


        The lowest unemployment in forever until COVID.

        And now please list what Obama achieved for us in 8 years other than the lame ACA. Is it the bombing of Lybia that you so appreciate? The destruction of Yemen? The pathetic economy? The rise of ISIS? What did Obama leave of substance in twice the time?

        Please, I’m all agog in anticipation. I supported him twice and he did absolutely nothing for me.


        1. I don’t think Obama was a much better president, so I’m not going to defend his entire record other than the ACA. That was a major win for him, so much so that after all these years of Republican control they could not kill it due to how popular that program is. What major Trump legislation will we be talking about in four years? I don’t think there is much.

          Obama also managed to get himself elected twice by massive popular vote majorities, so he definitely has that going for him.


          1. Legislation, schmegislation. Do you need legislation, or do you need a tangible, real improvement? All of the people who had jobs after not having them – that’s serious. No wars – that’s serious. Dramatic improvements in higher ed – serious. Peace deals – serious. You don’t achieve any of this through legislation. It’s all executive, and Trump executed in buckets.

            But he betrayed all of his promises on immigration, so he lost.


            1. Legislation is what actually remains after a president leaves office, so it’s incredibly important to the legacy of a president. Now Trump is gone and his good economy and improvements will be just a passing mirage.

              Unemployment and the economy was not bad under Obama either. Trump inherited a good economy and good conditions. Obama also did not get us into any major wars like Bush did; it’s not like Trump had to deal with the fallout of a major war and a major economic recession like Obama did after Bush.


          2. The ACA was a fracking joke. I’m IN the tax bracket that’s supposed to benefit from it and I remember going on the official site that first month, to look for insurance. I mean, we have to have it right? We’ll be penalized otherwise! The absolute cheapest plan we could get through the ACA was $600/mo. Six Hundred Dollars. A month. We were living on less than $1200/mo at the time (less now, while husband is in school). In our area, the cheapest possible trailer or subsidized apartment in a dangerous neighborhood that you can possibly rent is more than $600/mo. We were supposed to pay SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS A MONTH for “insurance” that had a deductible of $5k, and did not cover anything until that deductible was met. And then we were supposed to live… in our car? A campsite? Under the bridge? Or were we supposed to rent a roach-infested apartment next to drug dealers and go out begging for food and clothes so that we could have health insurance?

            People who think the ACA was some kind of accomplishment… ugh. Maybe I need a puff of what you’re smoking.

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  3. I don’t think this will happen, at least not in the long term. Parties bounce back from much worse positions all the time; Dems looked DONE in the 80s, then Bill Clinton came along. I think if Kamala runs in 2024, Republicans can win if they nominate a Josh Hawley rather than a Nikki Haley. And I think they will.


      1. Josh Hawley seems worse to me. His pathetic attempt to gain attention and support by pandering to Trump comes off as genuine as Ted Cruz. Hopefully Republicans can get someone with an actual backbone in 2024.


  4. The Democrats – and establishment Republicans – will get lots in return: Loads of what they really want, wads of what they really care about:

    Cash on the barrel head.

    As concerns policy, their goals are always in strict alignment with those of their paymasters, their padrones. That’s why they receive 5,000 page omnibus spending bills from K Street, then vote without review or debate within hours of receipt. The well trained dog is richly rewarded with the scraps of the master’s table. It’s all stimulus and reward.. Applied Pavlov and Skinner.

    Some few of the positive stimuli they’ll receive for rolling over:

    100’s of millions in campaign donations that they feed to their friends and family who in turn feed them favors and kickbacks.

    Choice extremely well remunerated sinecures on corporate boards.. Sweet side gigs as “consultants” and “lobbyists” where they’ll peddle their “influence” after leaving office.

    Millions in speaking fees, the multi million book and media production deals.

    Insider government information that they feed to their portfolio managers.

    The really masterful incandescently corrupt grifters – like the Clintons, the Bidens, the Obamas – will set up “charitable foundations” to really suck in the cash.

    The Republicans are far from innocent here: they also gleefully climb our golden trellis of graft. The word in the foreign and alternative press is that Mitch (fully owned subsidiary of Chase and Goldman Sachs) McConnell and Bill Epstein-Barr are both on the China dole, just like China Dough Master Card Joe and Our Heroic Ketchup Kommando Kerry.

    The numbers involved across the government are not in the millions.. They’re in the 100’s of billions. It’s not just flowing to elected officials, either.

    This is quid pro quo Joe’s country, and Our Lords Material can expect to receive much in return for their loyalty and service.


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