A Forbidden Word

Facebook rejected my sister’s ad for her new business because in the ad she’s wearing a sweatshirt with a single word in tiny letters.

Can anybody guess what that word is?

Hint: it’s not a proper name. Just in case people can’t snap out of US dramas that nobody else in the world cares about.

27 thoughts on “A Forbidden Word”

  1. Can you give a clue of the number of letters in this word?

    Haven’t understood your hint. Is this word a name? An abbreviation? Or a usual noun in English?


    1. It’s “immigrant.” They are waging a campaign against feminists who post themselves with the word “woman” so now they banned all words referring to identity.


      1. ” “immigrant.” they banned all words referring to identity”

        Well “immigrant” implies things like nation states and borders… in the coming open borders society you’ll just have people living in places (or not if the Great Reset ties people to tiny geographical areas). Whatever the case “immigrant” will no longer be a viable or valid label.

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        1. She wasn’t even trying to make a statement. It’s a shirt that she happens to like, of the “World’s Best Mom” or “Waiting for Friday” variety.


  2. I think a comment previously sent has an email instead of the name, so please do not publish it here. Let it stay in moderation, hidden. Otherwise, everybody will see my email.


  3. I also thought ‘woman’ like cliff.

    Has to be connected to her new business, so may be



    ‘Revolution’ ( meaning personal development )



  4. Have they banned words ‘black’, BIPOC, Muslim, Palestinian and/or Jewish too? Those are also social identities.

    What about ‘gay’ or ‘trans’?

    This story with feminists who are against trans people (if I understood correctly) is like from another planet in its level of weirdness.

    Thank you for deleting.


      1. I feel in this context feminism has done a lot of damage. In many ways this craziness was born with feminism and mutated into what we have now.


        1. Sad but true. We started it, and then it turned against us big time. There’s a lesson here that we urgently need to learn.

          So yes, I agree. We are reaping the tempest.


        2. “feminism has done a lot of damage”

          The first and second waves of feminism were absolutely necessary and awesome and a credit to western civilization vis a vis the rest of the world. But by the late 1980s it had done all it could in that form in the west (similarly to the civil rights movement around 1969).
          There were things it could do (like start going after misogynistic practices in non-western societies — there are bucket loads of them) but post-modernism was at a peak and fetishizing anything non-western and declaring beyond the bounds of critique and so that was out…
          The third wave turned inward occupying itself with minutiae with no broader application and the fourth wave has turned feminism into a movement that doesn’t recognize the biological basis of sexual oppression (except for the terfs, god love ’em) and can’t even define the word ‘woman’ (beyond a circular ‘a person who identifies as a woman’).

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          1. There is something about women’s additional capacity for empathy and nurturing that is being hijacked by these people.

            I hate to single out women, but everywhere I see the leaders of these movements are feminist women. In Engineering and Science, they’ve been wanting to increase the share of women. Now that more women are entering engineering and science, there has been an increase in scandal and negative discourse that did not exist before. Recently it got so crazy the head of AI at Nvidia (a crazy feminist) went through the trouble of making a list of people that needed cancelling, many of them very prominent and respected members of the AI community:


  5. // This sounds insane to me. I don’t use Facebook, so I did not know it’s getting this bad.


    Russian idea of having their own social media platforms starts to seem a really good one, even if Putin’s reasons for it are not.

    In a democratic society, I may influence my government, if it starts limiting my Internet access, but can not influence international giants capable of deciding one day that being anti-Israel is in their financial interests.

    It is / will be a part of 21st century warfare.


    1. Exactly. That’s where the real power resides. It’s not in the government that couldn’t prevent CHAZ or even defend the Capitol. It’s in the hands of the digital oligarchy.

      But it’s taking people so long to unlearn the idea that Totalitarianism comes from a strong government. Intellectual agility is very rare.


  6. // She wasn’t even trying to make a statement. It’s a shirt that she happens to like, of the “World’s Best Mom” or “Waiting for Friday” variety.

    But your sister is a specialist in marketing and sales, isn’t she?

    Of course, this makes a statement. In Israel, it would drive away quite a few customers. Don’t see why it would be different in Canada, unless her new business mainly markets to immigrants.


    1. Let’s allow people to assess their own client base and marketability, OK? Especially if their whole business is about marketing. 🙂

      It would be really bizarre if with her name she tried to conceal she’s an immigrant.


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