Banned vs Not Banned

This was not banned by Twitter:

Neither is there a warning about how these claims as to the happiness of genocide victims have been disproven.

18 thoughts on “Banned vs Not Banned”

  1. Rod Dreher has a good new post – “Postcards From The Decline And Fall” – with several nice links.

    The absolute best is by Michael Lind (remember you mentioning him in the past):

    // The Five Crises of the American Regime
    The mob assault on the Capitol is simply another entry in the catalog of American decline
    JANUARY 07, 2021

    In the past eight months, two Capitol Hills have fallen.

    The first occurred on June 8, 2020, when the Seattle police evacuated their East Precinct building in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

    On Jan. 6, 2021, America’s elite abandoned another Capitol Hill to rioters.

    A building can rot from within for a long time, before an earthquake or a fire reveals the depth of its structural decay. The COVID-19 pandemic, and the economic disaster that the subsequent lockdowns have produced, no doubt have influenced the timing of the present crisis of the American regime. But the real cause of the crisis itself, I would argue, is the confluence of five crises: A political crisis, an identity crisis, a social crisis, a demographic crisis, and an economic crisis.


  2. In other news, even Russian lj users have an opportunity to learn about American WOKE movement, with most popular Russian bloggers promoting this info (see below).

    The funny thing is that in Israel we are much less ideologically savvy (I mean идеологически подкованный ), probably since we have our own powerful ideology and real conflict… and since, unlike Russia, our identity doesn’t depend on America in an unhealthy fashion.

    // Куда они ведут (ответы на все вопросы)

    “Я не так давно прочел “Cynical Theories” Плакроуз и Линдзи. Это такое очень сухое, систематическое, безэмоциональное изложение woke-идеологии. Исторические корни, философское обоснование, практическое примененние… Мне казалось, что я и так более не менее знаю, о чем идет речь, но все равно с какого-то момента я не мог избавиться от ощущения, что заглядываю в какую-то ужасающую воронку…
    У меня нет особых иллюзий: это очень цельная и убедительная картина мира, с которой невозможно спорить в силу ее абсолютной закытости в самой себе. Для молодого человека, который пытается как-то определиться в этом мире, она представляет величайший соблазн. Тем более что ее уже приняли на вооружение большинство крупнейших корпорации и практически все культурные институции. Умение изъясняться на ее языке и демонстрация полной приверженности ее принципам является практически необходимым условием попадания в управляющую элиту. Это как если в живете в Советской России 20-х годов и вам 20 лет.
    Все это означает смертельную угрозу для всей нашей цивилизации. Это практически смертный приговор.


    1. Well, at least the Russians get it.

      What I don’t understand are the efforts to comprehend the woke madness so deeply. I wouldn’t read Pluckrose and Lindsay’s book because it’s like trying to understand the logic behind a schizophrenic’s worldview. It exists but who cares? He’s still insane.

      People give a lot of space in their brain to this crap when all they’ve got to do is not take it seriously.


      1. // What I don’t understand are the efforts to comprehend the woke madness so deeply … People give a lot of space in their brain to this crap when all they’ve got to do is not take it seriously.

        I cannot help being jealous that somewhere the main conflict is expressing care for minorities and the left behind, even if it often is insincere.

        I understand you are sick from being inundated with woke slogans, but it is way better than mutual fear and hatred with our own minority in my country…

        I wish Israel had more ‘how do we help Arab minority’ Jewish advocates, but it cannot happen till our conflict with Palestinians lessens and reaches some kind of (even partial) resolution.

        Israel would benefit from a little ‘wokeness’ imo… I believe it will in the future but unfortunately after my death.


        1. If it were about expressing care, then yes, whatever. But those expressions of care are used as a cudgel to effectuate the greatest transfer of wealth since I don’t know how long.

          Let’s say a guy wearing a Cinderella mask comes up to you, sticks a gun in your face, and robs you. You go to the police and try to give the description of the robber but they say, “Oh, come on. Yes, Cinderella is a silly story but it’s not a big deal.”

          It’s not about the robber’s disguise. It’s about the fact of the robbery.


  3. Don’t know whether you may like this genre, but it is one of the best:

    Из блатного шансона в украинскую песню: шансонье и композитор пишут альбом – Дизель Шоу 2020
    Исполнитель шансона хочет попасть на украинское радио. Для этого, ему нужны песни на украинском языке. Поможет ли ему украинский композитор записать альбом украинского шансона?


  4. Btw, in latest news:

    Facebook, Instagram to block Trump’s account for rest of his presidential term
    CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he believes the risks of allowing the president to continue to use his social media platforms ‘are simply too great’ after Trump’s claims about U.S. election prompted mob to storm Capitol

    AND in another instance of freaky politicians:

    New Illinois congresswoman: ‘Hitler was right on one thing’


    1. Hey, not mob. Mostly peaceful protesters is the correct vocabulary we’ve been schooled to use.

      Imagine being the guy who’s allowed to silence the man with the nuclear codes. Imagine the rush. Must be so cool. The idea that the oligarchs will get off this power trip once Trump is gone is ludicrous.


    1. methylethyl, that link is something, especially the ending 🙂 🙂 Thanks!

      I mean, this ending (if somebody hasn’t read):

      // The siege has also gained support from some liberal members of Congress. “The point of protests is to make people feel uncomfortable,” said Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the world’s smartest socialist. “And I’m really uncomfortable because there is trash all over where I work. So good job.” She then gave a thumbs up.

      It is unknown what President Donald Trump thinks about all this, as he is still banned from social media, but he plans to mail out a newsletter today. //


  5. Have you read Lind’s book?

    “Michael Lind is a Professor of Practice at the University of Texas at Austin, a columnist for Tablet and a fellow at New America. His latest book is The New Class War: Saving Democracy from the Managerial Elite.”

    I liked his articles so will check the book too.

    For instance, enjoyed “Techxodus: The flight of terrified techies from California to Texas marks the end of one era, and the beginning of a new one”

    Other titles also look fascinating, so will check them out.

    The full list is here:


  6. What do you think about Lind’s proposed solution of a new class compromise in his book “The New Class War: Saving Democracy from the Managerial Elite” ? Is it possible at all in a new global world?


    // Description:
    In both Europe and North America, populist movements have shattered existing party systems and thrown governments into turmoil. The embattled establishment claims that these populist insurgencies seek to overthrow liberal democracy. The truth is no less alarming but is more complex: Western democracies are being torn apart by a new class war.

    In this controversial and groundbreaking new analysis, Michael Lind, one of America’s leading thinkers, debunks the idea that the insurgencies are primarily the result of bigotry, traces how the breakdown of mid-century class compromises between business and labor led to the conflict, and reveals the real battle lines.

    On one side is the managerial overclass–the university-credentialed elite that clusters in high-income hubs and dominates government, the economy and the culture. On the other side is the working class of the low-density heartlands–mostly, but not exclusively, native and white.

    The two classes clash over immigration, trade, the environment, and social values, and the managerial class has had the upper hand. As a result of the half-century decline of the institutions that once empowered the working class, power has shifted to the institutions the overclass controls: corporations, executive and judicial branches, universities, and the media.

    The class war can resolve in one of three ways:

    The triumph of the overclass, resulting in a high-tech caste system.
    The empowerment of populist, resulting in no constructive reforms
    A class compromise that provides the working class with real power

    Lind argues that Western democracies must incorporate working-class majorities of all races, ethnicities, and creeds into decision making in politics, the economy, and culture. Only this class compromise can avert a never-ending cycle of clashes between oligarchs and populists and save democracy.


    1. I can already tell you the answer. It’s the scenario #1: high-tech caste system. It’s done. Let’s move on and stop fantasizing about how it can be avoided. It’s like debating fire safety strategies after the house burned to the ground.

      I can’t count how many times I said the phrase “it’s done” since November 3. Because it is. It’s all done.


      1. I suspect you’re right, but hope you’re wrong. And at the same time… the only way I can see the overclass losing is in an orgy of blood: pitchforks, torches, expensively-dressed fruit growing on the lampposts… Do I want that? The heart shies away from it. Is there another way out?

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