Mystical Experiences

So N got interested in mystical experiences. I’m all for it because I’m hoping he’ll eventually stumble into the idea of an Orthodox wedding. He’s always been such a dialectical materialist but now he’s all of a sudden doing guided meditations and worrying Tibetan bowls.

In any case, he’s been trying to get the universe to show him the direction he should take in his search for personal growth. The universe responded by mailing him a book on personal growth.

Neither of us ordered the book or knew it existed. N doesn’t have book-sending friends. Or any friends. Or relatives. The book simply showed up in the mail. From Amazon so there’s no return address. I’m kind of annoyed because the universe isn’t sending me any books, and I’m the perfect target for this particular miracle.

8 thoughts on “Mystical Experiences”

  1. Tell N the Universe has sent him the Gospel of John. I like it in the atavistic King James version that I’m pretty sure the Gideons have left in nearest local Motel 6. He can steal it there. No worries, I’ll thank him later.

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    1. It’s an old book published 30 years ago. I’m sure Chinese merchants have better things to do than mail around old books. Especially to a person who never posted a rating in his life.


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