The Algorithm

Here’s part of the trick that’s being played on us.

People are prevented from making money in the ways they are used to. Enormous numbers of small businesses are closed. Business owners fire all the workers and close the business.

What do they do next?

They move their business to Facebook. (Or LinkedIn. Or Instagram.)

Here in my small town, we had a guy who created a fitness program that was very popular (I was a member, loved it). We had a baker who started a cupcake store. They both went broke immediately after lockdowns. They are now on FB. He started an FB weight loss program which I didn’t join because eww. She’s giving cooking lessons and selling baking equipment on FB.

So here’s the algorithm:

1. Facebook bans posts questioning lockdowns and gives enormous payouts to pro-lockdown politicians.

2. Lockdowns drive businesses to Facebook. More and more people are completely dependent on Facebook for their livelihood.

3. Facebook bans politicians and ideas it doesn’t like.

4. Everybody is too terrified to object because they can’t make a living if Facebook bans them.

5. There’s never anybody elected again who isn’t to the liking of one single guy – the owner of Facebook.

Of course, now the question arises why we need to vote at all. Let Facebook appoint whomever directly. Spare us the trouble.

11 thoughts on “The Algorithm”

    1. This, absolutely: “But Sarah, you’ll say, this will give them the excuse to avenge themselves on us.
      Dear idiots, you’re like the wife with her arm in a sling and both eyes blackened telling her husband “Please don’t say anything to Joe. He’ll be mad.””

      I’m really loving how people go, “well, now Democrats will use this to do anything they want!” Because they were so going to show restraint before. Absolutely.

      Definitely some domestic abuse victim behavior here.


    2. I’ve been hate-reading her blog for the past week and thinking Clarissa might enjoy it (not hate-reading, just reading).

      One area where they would disagree is online learning – Sarah seems to be in favor of that, although I don’t know whether for all age groups.


    3. “You didn’t grow up with the constant-pretend-reality of communist psi-ops, and you haven’t learned to smell it.”

      I felt that.
      I didn’t grow up here (thankfully!) but living in Central/Eastern Europe is like a crash course in political bullshit detection (no part of the US is anywhere remotely close…..)


      1. But people aren’t learning. Nothing teaches them.

        My feeling is that all identity categories have been annulled. The word “women” means nothing. National identity doesn’t exist. There’s no solidarity or anything that doesn’t constantly change. People feel unmoored and uncertain. The only thing still allowed is political tribalism. So it becomes completely overblown. People don’t see anything but the need for “their side” to “win.” When when that “win” pauperizes them.


  1. They have to sell naming rights to Congress to Google. “Goo-Goo Alphabet Finance Board, Temple of Our Oligarchy” has a nice ring to it. I like it. They’ll give the money to Bezos, it’ll be rolled into the national debt, and Soros will earn the interest to make up for his debasing our currency.

    Members are required to wear the names of their donors on their suits like NASCAR drivers. Mitch has to have a “B” like Superman for Blackstone Group’s (predatory corporate raiders, his biggest donor) with “Pay Us Your Pension Peon” on his chest, Chase Manhattan’s logo on his dunce cap, and Goldman Sach’s across his ass. Biden must have the Master Card “Accepted Here” logo tattooed to his forehead, the Chinese communist flag on a red ball Bozo’ed to his nose. The plutocrats deserve free advertising along with all the cash they get from the public till after all, “We the People” need to know who to thank for our debt slavery, all this fine plutocratic governance.


  2. “So here’s the algorithm:
    1. Facebook bans posts …
    2. Lockdowns drive businesses to Facebook…
    3. Facebook bans politicians…
    4. Everybody is too terrified to object…
    5. There’s never anybody elected again who isn’t to the liking of…

    Of course, now the question arises why we need to vote at all. Let Facebook appoint whomever directly. Spare us the trouble.”

    This “algorithm” has been standard operating procedure for the mainstream media for decades.


    1. I’m sorry but which mainstream medium is crucial for you to have a business or any professional career that’s not in journalism?

      I really really can’t stand analogies. The digital revolution is very real and it’s the most important political, economic and social development of this century so far. It’s not “just like.”


      1. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but do know that it is standard for the print media to behave as you’ve described in your “algorithm”. Where I live, it is totally normal for “journalists” to basically shake businesses or businesspeople down. I’ll give you an example:

        Lets say you start a pizza shop. One day, the phone rings, and it’s a “journalist” asking about your new, cool, amazing pizza menu. So, they ask you some questions, send a photographer, take lots of photos – good and bad – and give you some free publicity in a small article.

        A few days or weeks alter the phone rings again, and it is the sales department of the newspaper asking if you’d like to advertise with them. If you do, great. If you don’t, then mysteriously, your competitor will be featured in an article, or a letter to the editor will be published saying something in some way negative about your pizza shop.

        Then, every time there is a food festival or something, they will just ignore you/your business and promote only those that they benefit from.

        The object of what print newspapers of this kind do is to meddle in practically every industry so as to create imbalance and anxiety, followed by then offering to restore balance through advertising for a fee.

        The above is standard for any regular money making business, and is also applied to any person who begins to gain standing in the community, particularly politically, but also in other professions.

        So sure, you’re right, the shift towards digital is the most important thing to happen in our world since the Gutenberg press, but still, that is separate to the fact that it is not a new fancy “algorithm” but rather something that is very common being applied in a new, uncommonly powerful way.


  3. That’s the trouble with platforms like Twitter. They let people like Trump bypass the party establishment and communicate with their supporters directly.


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