The Class Lens

It’s a shame that when the BLM terrorized people in residential neighborhoods at night, screaming into bullhorns this was greeted with a lot less outrage than what happened yesterday. When the BLM terrorized a mother with a small child in the backseat for fun, nobody gave it any coverage. When a crowd BLM thugs bullied and assaulted an elderly woman, nobody freaked out.

But once our lords and masters are momentarily inconvenienced, that’s a real issue. People are so subservient, it’s like an automatic reaction they don’t control. The little folk suffer – well, that’s their fate. But if the lord in the manor is displeased, oh, that’s a real outrage.

Compared to the terror, intimidation and dispossession so many experienced at the hands of the BLMing COVIDeologists, yesterday was a minor, insignificant blip.

Most people are like servants in Downton Abbey. They are so invested into the dramas of their masters that their own lives are stunted.

15 thoughts on “The Class Lens”

  1. American leftists/progressives/liberals on unrest in other countries: Viva la revolution!
    American leftists/progressives/liberals on violent unrest in American cities: A people united, can never be divided!
    American leftists/progressives/liberals on violent unrest in American federal government buildings: No… not like that!


  2. Is it not possible to condemn both BLM and pro-Trump rioting?

    If we keep justifying these actions because the other side did it, we’ll end up in a very bad place. Tomorrow BLM might riot again and burn stuff down, then Trumpers riot break things. Who wins?


    1. Apparently not. Where are the people who condemned the BLM rioting? What are their names? Can anybody find them? I’ve tried for months to find anybody who would have the guts to say the words “BLM violence” but there’s nobody. You found anybody? Do share the names of these suicidal individuals.


      1. I saw a lot of condemnation against CHAZ in Seattle and the more violent elements of the protests, that’s why it died down a lot. Support for BLM plummeted from their summer high as of September 2020, I imagine it’s even lower today.


        1. Oh, come on. This is at the level of gaslighting. Every administrator at my work is signing every email with BLM slogans. We are herded into BLM training seminars against our will. Can you imagine a university provost signing an email with “MAGA”?

          Can you imagine anybody, any politician or journalist saying anything negative about the BLM at all and still have a job?

          This is not a serious conversation.


          1. And as I finish this comment, I receive yet another email from my boss signed with the BLM slogan.

            I have childhood trauma from being gaslit by a clinical narcissist. One more attempt to gaslight, and I will ban.


            1. You’re in academia, it’s a different world than mine.

              All I can tell you is I don’t like either Trumper nor BLM rioting. I and many people just want a normal life without any of these ideological battles being throw in our faces.


              1. It’s exactly the same in business. It’s the same on every TV channel. Every news medium. Nobody cares what you want. BLM are saints and anybody who doubts it is a Nazi. And Nazis deserve to die. This is our new ideology right now.


              2. And this argument that it’s only happening on college campuses, I’ve heard it for years. Every single time, whatever goes on on campus gets promptly mainstreamed. Yet people keep repeating it and repeating it.


              3. I’m in engineering, so I’d like to think we’re a bit more sane in that regard. But I can definitely see where you’re coming from, it’s definitely worse. The question I have is how to do fight back?


              4. Thank you. And believe me when I tell you that it’s about to get much worse.

                The only way to resist is not to take it seriously. We need to liberate ourselves from the power that the words “racism, white supremacy, transphobia, etc etc” have over us. We have to eradicate the rot from inside ourselves.

                This is how the USSR fell. Nobody took the slogans seriously anymore.


  3. BLM and Antifa are like the brown shirts. They had to assume power and dominance and teach the plebs that they are not allowed to make a peep against them or else.

    Yesterday was the equivalent of Reichstag burning. Notice how they muzzled Trump right away and they are going after the protesters like they never did after BLM or Antifa to scare people of resistance. Either the swampers are the luckiest people on earth and this fell into their lap like some golden egg, or they inserted some instigators to take over control and the narrative.

    This is just textbook totalitarianism and people are standing on the sidelines clapping in approval.


    1. yeah, it’s looking more and more like. Buffalo-shaman dude turns out to be a professional actor. There’s video of the cops removing barricades to let the protesters in. There is a lot of stink coming out of there.


  4. No, I think you’ve got it wrong. In my experience, most people are both indifferent, and treat life like a movie. When mundane yet important things happen – like that woman terrorized – most remain mired in indifference. Yet when distant yet exciting seeming things happen in their movie script world – like an exciting fight in an exciting place – it’s movie time.

    So imo people aren’t paying attention because their “masters” are involved. They’re paying attention because it’s an important scene in the movie where something is probably going to catch fire or some interesting character is doing something – like wearing face paint and horns.


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