Totalitarianism Is Here

Facebook banned the Walk Away movement. Completely. For no reason other than that its 500,000 members led by a gay guy have abandoned the Democrat party. That’s what the movement is about, Democrats walking away from the party.

That’s extraordinarily disturbing.

Towards Segregation

There was a huge scandal when people saw this photo and, based on the skin color of the participants, assumed the white man was hurting the black woman:

Because that’s the only reason a white guy would touch a black girl, right? To do something evil.

His employer immediately fired him based on malicious Twitter allegations and nothing else.

Well, it turns out he was saving her life. The woman finally managed to get herself heard and explained the situation. But the guy has already been smeared by every information outlet possible. And fired.

The logical next step in leftist activism is complete racial segregation. Remember that white guy who was eviscerated for hugging a black kid on video? Or that disgusting campaign against mixed-race relationships? Truly evil shit.

Not a Hypocrite

Shaun King now says that Ashli Babbitt was a bad shooting and the police didn’t have the right to shoot her. I now like him more than before because at least he’s not a bloody hypocrite like the others. If Michael Brown was a bad shooting, then so is Babbitt.

I obviously disagree because I believe that if you choose to be violent and unruly around the police, you choose the consequences. Babbitt knew what she was doing, she made her choice, and it ended badly.

There is no logic under which Jacob Blake’s shooting is unjustified and Babbitt’s is. And vice versa. The fact that what she was doing was more moral (she wasn’t abusing kids, so it was by definition more moral) doesn’t make a difference to the outcome.

The Left’s COVID Narrative

I don’t spend much time with the believers in the COVID orthodoxy (aka Democrats) anymore. It’s not like I try to avoid them but they’ve been cooped up inside, so where can I see them?

This is why I don’t know what their narrative is. I’m very interested in other people’s narratives. How do they explain that 10 months of lockdowns have produced no result? They’ve got to have an explanation that makes sense to them.

Today I had a chance to talk to a passionate Biden supporter and I got a feel for the narrative.

Can you guess what it is?

Yes, it’s the same as always, and it’s heartbreaking.

The explanation is that there are too many people who are structurally racist imperfect immoral don’t follow the mandates correctly.

“The mandates are great. And everybody I know follows them to a T. But there are so many racist evil immoral people out there who don’t, and they are forcing the authorities to punish all of us.” That’s the narrative.

The worst part is that it’s an unfalsifiable theory. If the lockdowns don’t work, it’s because people don’t follow the rules. Because if they did, lockdowns would work. So if they don’t…

The greatest sin of the modern Left is its evisceration of the concept of solidarity and the constant pitting of poor disenfranchised schmucks against each other.

P.S. People who want to argue that this is not the Left’s narrative on lockdowns need to provide their own version. How do you explain why the lockdowns don’t work? Study the timeline of lockdowns and COVID numbers in California, for example, and provide an alternative explanation that has currency in the left.

QAnon and Structural Racism

I tried to understand what QAnon is all about. Read a lot of websites, Twitter feeds, etc.

QAnon is an attempt to explain the world using the same circular logic that drives the belief in “structural racism.” It’s got to be true because I can see no other explanation.

QAnon is organized around the same kind of facile binary as its counterpart on the left. You are either racist or anti-racist. You are either with Q or not. Any questioning is scoffed at. It’s a completely closed system that has no room for any questioning. It’s impervious to facts or data. It’s true because it’s got to be.

Both worldviews are cult-like in nature. Both are imbued with a sense of a mission. We are helping the helpless! We are about justice! Both are about seeking justice for a downtrodden group.

The only real difference is that the woke cult has proven useful to the oligarchy and the oligarchy is now using it to guard its assets. That’s why you can openly scoff at Q but are supposed to show nothing but reverence to the anti-racism folks.

Criminal Schools

In Quebec, there’s now a curfew with fines from $1,000 to $6,000 CAD. Gyms, salons, restaurants are all closed.

But schools will open for in-person instruction. And have been for a while. Even in crazy Quebec.

Here, on the other hand, everything is open. I’m on my way to the salon right now. But schools are closed. Nobody is promising that full-time in-person teaching will resume at any point.

A boy upstate committed suicide yesterday. He was hoping for a career in sports but he hasn’t been allowed to play since March. Athletes who are in heavy training have very adverse psychological and physiological effects if the training is suddenly taken away.

This boy was killed by the laziness of the teachers who prefer to sacrifice kids than to haul their asses to work. These schools have become criminal enterprises that get kids addicted to screens in order to turn them into lifelong mental patients and give them a bunch of physical diseases.